Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Blustery Saturday

Windy today, while I took eggs down and then did a subsequent errand that took an hour or so in intermittent rain sprinkles.
The food pantry was very busy this morning, and there were volunteers there I had never met.  Usually there is the same group on Saturday, and the same manager.  Today there were numerous other volunteers working.  There was a crowd going in and out, and I found out that some folks were already picking up their Thanksgiving boxes.  I was so glad I had walked in with the eggs as they were getting boxes together for several families.  I ran downstairs to the "Christmas Room" and did some shopping.  You see, I am trying to get a few things to transform for our Christmas this year... and today I found a Christmas cookie jar for 1.00 (with only one chip in the rim!) and a lovely little bowl that will hold M and Ms, and matches a lamp that is going to be the subject of a blog post in December.  I was very pleased with my 2.00 purchase today. 
I got caught behind this at one point:

There must be something wrong with me, because I was fine meandering along behind him for a couple of miles, it gave me time to enjoy the view, albeit a cloudy one.
The trucks behind me in line were not so happy, and as we got to the bottom of this hill, they sped around us one by one.
Here are two of the calves that live in the field next to our yard (who were the llama's buddies).  One of them has managed to pull through the fence a cement sack that blew across the yard, and I stupidly did not get out and get it as I left this morning.  These calves are getting huge now... and I did go over and try to distract them and get the sack... but one of them carried it away.  Of course, now I'm worried about the calf's digestion. 
There is still some color around us. 
These clouds came over us tonight... we are supposed to have thunderstorms and then a rapid drop in temperature, from the 70's to the 30's.  So far, it is 73, and the clouds appear to have gone by.  How we still need moisture! 

I've always loved cattle.
Several of you commented about Ranger and his pictures last night.  Yes, he has developed hip dysplasia, but it has only really started bothering him in the last year.  He had a full dental this spring, and during his sedation, the vet checked his hips, too.  He is on tramadol and meloxicam, but I am now starting to wonder if he is getting all the help he needs.  He had a good day today, and has been peaceful most of the day, and was able to get up and go out and eat twice with no trouble.  He spent many years running up and down the fenceline... and this pivoting tore his hips up.  We try to discourage it now.  For months, he would sleep in the hallway at night... we would literally fall over him while we got up in the middle of the night... but he has not done that now for a month.  I think it's just too much effort to get up and down.  During the day while Keith is at work, he does come and sleep in the hall, by the door of the office, where he can keep an eye on me.   We love him so much, but we also know that our dogs are gifts to us for a short while... and someday he will be joining Addie Mae, Hannah, and Oscar in our pasture and in our hearts.



  1. Evening Mary Ann, great finds for $2.00, can`t wait to see, love the picture of the cattle, love cows to, hope they are o.k. after the sack incident.....Yes, our beloved pets are family, Ranger is a sweet boy......Snowing and blowing here in Winnipeg tonight, wonder what the morning will bring......Blessings Francine.

  2. I'm glad you are okay with being behind the too...I don't own the road and I'm so tired of those nut jobs who think they do

    Amazing more people aren't killed everyday with the lunatic drivers passing us


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