Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Super Tuesday

Gosh, compared to yesterday, what an absolutely beautiful fall day we had here in Leavenworth County!

The skies were the bluest of blue...
After excercising my civic privilege,
I took advantage of the 50+ degree temps to do some cleaning up in the hoop house and garden.
I was in the middle of pulling all the flapping, worn out plastic down when I took this.  I got all of it but the strips along the ground on either side... when I pulled on them I began to pull the structure up, it's anchored with long spikes.  I'm going to talk to Keith before I do anything like that. 
We are going to put up a small greenhouse in the spring. 
I pulled out all the tomato plants, and will get those whiskey barrels ready to plant again next year.
Believe it or not, there are still herbs growing in the bins on the right, so I watered everything thoroughly.  We may possibly have some rain on Saturday here.
All the small garden supplies were put away in the shop for the winter... and just a general tidy-up, which I will continue into the garden beds to get them ready.  Over the next few months, I'll buy planting soil and start topping the beds off, one by one. 

I had lots and lots of help.
After awhile, I went in, as I was trying to water and the wind had come up, making the water blow back in on me. 
Have any of you used these yet?
I started using them about a month ago... I can throw together a soup, a stew, or a goulash quickly with the different flavors that Progresso offers.  This was Creamy Parmesan Basil... so I threw a chicken soup together with onions, celery and carrots in butter, then a can of chicken broth, some chicken that I pulled off a baked chicken, a can of Progresso... and then some noodles.  I also grated Gruyere into it... it was so good.
We have come to rely on soups for dinner a lot lately, I can usually find something to fix one, and they satisfy us.  I make croutons (and splurge)... I cut up two hot dog buns and throw them in a skillet with butter... then put them in the oven to warm up and dry out a little... put them on top of our bowls of soup.... YUMMMM.
Something good to watch the results by!


  1. It looks like it was a gorgeous day! I'm a huge soup person too, any time, but especially this time of year... it's so warm and comforting. Your soup sounds and looks amazing, mmm... I could use a bowl right now! Love that you still have some herbs, I love it when they hang on!

  2. Evening....sure wish we had a nice sunny day like you enjoyed.....still dreary here, can't remember when the sun was out last.....to long.......Blessings Francine.

  3. My poor redneck is livin off sandwiches and homemade turkey burgers. Told him when you can't eat anything (diet-cause it's bad for you), you sure don't want to cook.

    But, he's okay with it. Cause he keeps complimenting me on how much I've lost. And he says he wants me here a long time, so he'll eat what I eat.

  4. Look at that beautiful blue sky! Oh, I can hardly wait to see one like that again!


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