Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Lovely Christmas Gift

As I wrote yesterday, I visited a couple of holiday bazaars during the morning hours.  I went to one I had not visited before, or not for many years... in a recreation center in Kansas City, Kansas. 
I found something unique there and wanted to show you...

These were the most wonderful soft dolls and homemade stuffed toys, and extra outfits for the dolls.
And here is their "Mom" and creator, Christine Henderson, of
Jacob's Toy Box .  Christine is a home-schooling mom of six kids, and her dolls have a blog on her website, telling of their adventures.
This is Katie, who came home with me.  She is one of the larger dolls.  She is going to
go live with my granddaughter Paiton at Christmas.  Pink is Paiton's favorite color!
Here is the sweet little extra dress I bought so Katie would have a change of clothes.  There is a beautiful little pink coat and hat outfit I would like to figure out how to buy, too!  You can see them hanging on the table in the second picture.
Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?
I would like to also thank everyone for their well wishes... I didn't reveal the small surgery I had because I wanted sympathy, but to show that despite the wonderful things I won this week... the gift of health was actually the best!  


  1. Those are adorable!! I'm not able to go to bazaars anymore since we're trying to down size.
    BUT- my first grandchild is due in May, just won't know what the baby is until birth!! THEN, I can start visiting bazaars again :-}}
    Adorable rag doll!

    1. Hi Suzan ... this is Keith. My first grandson was born Sept 22 of last year and first granddaughter is due mid-December. The kids picked out names, themes for their rooms, etc well ahead of time. Times have changed haven't they?

  2. Hello, oh she is really sweet, love the homemade goodies......always fun to go see what people are crafting........Just starting to Christmas shop.......Blessings Francine.

  3. Such very sweet dolls! And handmade are the best gifts, that are treasured the longest.

    Hope you are feeling better.

  4. What cute dolls! Where was this at? I'd love to go next year.
    I missed your surgery post-hope you are doing well.
    Take care!

    M :)

  5. Those really are neat dolls. Meeting their maker is a bonus. I am sure she will love the gift!

  6. That lady can sew. Great gift.

    Sorry you had surgery. You know I don't computer from home so I didn't know.

    Hope all is well now.


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