Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Henspa

Me:  "Everything is going to be okay.  You can come out of the corner now".
Them:  "Not on your tintype!  Don't look at her, maybe it will all go away and we'll be back in our cold and wet pasture pen!"

Actually, they have come to the middle of the coop to eat and drink.... and Junior, the rooster in front, and one of the little white hens flew up to the nesting boxes.
The rest have been in the corner all day.
The nest boxes, all ready for some occupants.  (Dream on, Mary Ann)
This is a shot of the ceiling.  Keith build a heavy support system in there in case we decide to hang the feeders.  We also have a bunch of birds who like to roost high up... and this should accomodate them.  Also...the light was $38.00 or some ridiculous price, but it should last us until we die, or some incredibly long time.  I think it was smart of Keith to do this and be so green!
These are on either side of the door into the coop from the feed room.
Smart, huh?
This cabinet will hold various feeders, etc., when not in use, also medicines, etc.  We got a steel cabinet to hang on the wall, too, just above it.  We have a large wood cabinet in the big henhouse that is actually a great cabinet, but has been home to thousands of mice in the last 8 years. 
The northeast side has the feed cans and also, some more of the excellent organizers. 
We still have a lot of construction debris to carry out... also... we need to put handrails on the stairs, a railing around the east deck... the "steps" on the chicken ramp, and put the shade net over the yard.   Frankly, it's TOO COLD out today, though it did get up to 41 degrees fahrenheit about an hour ago.
We're old.  We're tired.
I think I'll go out and look for the Thanksgiving bin to put the fall stuff away.


  1. Once they get brave enough to move, they'll be in chicken heaven! Looks great!

  2. Looks great! Yup, they'll soon learn to love it, and will find the nesting boxes soon too!

  3. I'm not trying to scare you, but I've been seeing some stuff lately about teflon on certain types of light bulbs killing chickens. You might want to look that up.

    1. I saw that too... and AM going to look it up! It's dangerous for humans, too.

  4. The coop is AWESOME! I love it, and it looks so good and so well set up. Everyone will adjust as soon as they realize they have moved up in the world, it's like a Beverly Hills mansion :) It was cool here today, didn't go above zero. The cold is coming.

  5. Moving is scary even for me. But then we get happy about it. Looks like setting up the new chicken house is going to be fun. You guys thought of everything.

  6. Wow, now that's what I call a nice coop!! A lot of work went into it but it will make everything so much easier. Give it time and I bet the chickens will soon love their new home:-) xoxo

  7. Lucky chicks! Nice job to you and Elmer Fudd! Hope you both got a nap today.

  8. That is some kinda coop. It is so very nice. I need a new coop so I am always interested in seeing new construction. My hens haven't laid any eggs since they molted. Well one every so often. Those are really nice nesting boxes too.
    Yep, 41 would be cold for me too.
    Lovely little flock of chickens too.

  9. Woo Hoo! They will be happy before you know it. Great job and planning!!!!


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