Monday, November 12, 2012

Veterans Day, Part Two

Every year, being the company (U.S. Army) town it is, Leavenworth City has a big Veterans Day parade.

I went.

It was cold. 

My camera broke yesterday, and I was using my backup old camera, which fades in and out.

I got a few pictures.

Mr. Larry Land, eldest (97) veteran in Leavenworth County.
Guidon flying, one of the ROTC companies passed in review.  Leavenworth County has the largest number of ROTC members in the country.
A Women's Cavalry Unit
The ROTC-related units went down into the grade schools. 
Notice the camera really worked well for this picture.
The men in the red robes are Knights of Columbus.
They paused for this, as the haunting notes wafted in the air from a bugler in the next block up as he played Taps. 
You notice the photographer on my right paused to cover his heart, as I did when I snapped this picture.
Day is done,
gone the sun,
From the lake,
from the hills,
from the sky;
All is well,
safely rest,
 God is nigh.
We had a flyover then.  No, it wasn't a Stealth bomber.
Look who else turned up!
The Korean War Vets were represented, (My father in law, Ralph, is one of them).
The Civil War Veterans, who are all gone now.
Likewise, the Revolutionary War
And lots of these.
And where were the current vets, those coming back now from the Mid-East.... as the Headquarters Company, Combined Arms Command came into view around the corner, in front of the train station you see in the background....
The camera kicked the bucket for good.
I did not get any pictures of our strong soldiers, men and women, who have been fighting a war for the last ten years faithfully.  How brave and strong they looked, marching in lines tightly dressed up the street, many, many units.  It was awesome.
It was also very, very cold and windy, and I excused myself then and went straight to the PX to get another camera.  I'm going to register this one and from now on, if they don't last a year (and the last two haven't) I'm asking for money back or a replacement.  Yes, I know I'm hard on them, I'm a blogger.
I know some of you are veterans, and some of you are married to veterans... I hope you have enjoyed this pictures of our Veteran's Day parade... and that your loved ones know how much they are appreciated!
(and J, that includes the Marines!)



  1. Small towns are the best ... love them!!!!

  2. I think they had a parade in Jackson...but we were at the horse show.


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