Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Great Tuesday

Great in that a lot of funny things happened, and the day was bright and sunny, so they were funny haha, and not funny uh oh.
To begin with, I expected a visit from a man to measure for flooring... so decided to go out and do chores early so the dogs could get some air before I shut them in the bedrooms. 
As we walked out on the deck, a black hen calmly came out of the garden, passed across the yard in front of me, and walked to the pasture fence.  I froze, and looked for Lilly, who was calmly watching her.  Good gravy!
I walked over and shoo'ed her back into the pasture, while the dogs all went about their business and left us alone.  I have laughed all day long to think of my surprise when she went by me.
The gentleman came and did his business, and then I did some errands.  I ran down to look at carpet at the store in Tongie, ran to the library, and then to pick up the first two Christmas presents.
When I got back, I had some soup that I made for us yesterday.
After a few hours of doing things inside, I went out to do chores.

Isn't that a pretty sight?  All the red hens coming with Rambo out of the horseyard?
Everyone is interested in the pasture pen, now that the little flock comes out during the day.  They go out to the tall grass and hang out by themselves.  I had to bring their waterer in this morning, it had frozen.  I was glad THEY hadn't.
Uh huh.  I had help again.

Abby pretty much corraled this hen and gave her the stink eye, after Gertie tried to get her.
Abby has become quite the herding dog... you notice she doesn't go for the bird... she has done this several times now... she stops and gives the stink eye, and you see the bird not moving, keeping an eye on her.
Our Old Gentleman came out too, but he settled down after making a circuit of the front yard, and watched from a distance.  Until.....
He came over and saw his playmate at the fence.  Up and down they ran, gobbling and barking, each on his own side.  This went on for some minutes, and I was lucky to get a film of it on the new camera.  I saw it as it was importing, and it was clear as day with great sound.
Now, if I could JUST FIND IT AGAIN. 
We have two new Turkettes coming tomorrow... they were to have been picked up today, but time did not work out.  I'll have pictures of them tomorrow night.


  1. Everyone looks like they are having fun!

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  3. I'm glad Ranger is feeling better.

    Looking forward to seeing the Turkettes

  4. Turkettes!!! Good name for them!....Pugs are enjoying life by the looks of it.


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