Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Blip in the Blog

Thanks to Donna at Our Forest Haven  (sidebar) for helping me unravel the mess I got myself into yesterday with the blog.  Suffice it to say, I didn't think far enough ahead to figure out what I was doing to it.  All is back to normal today!
The first of December already, and 69 degrees this afternoon!  I am starting to get very worried about our weather situation.  We keep getting "promised" some rain, albeit none in great measure, but it just seems to never happen.  The clouds come and go.
Tomorrow they are predicting a record 70+ fahrenheit!
If you have not looked at the newest blog on the sidebar, "Across the Way"... please take some time to do so.  Deweena writes from the heart, and her posts are very stirring.  Go way back (only about a month or so) to her very first piece about how they came to live in the country... it was a wonderful post.
We are having the carpets cleaned here on Tuesday, so have hesitated to put the tree up, though everything is sitting on the porch.  Yesterday afternoon, I carried from here:

We have no basement or attic, and no storage space in our tiny house.  Everything is stored in the Big Derksen building (as opposed to the Little Derksen building).  I shlepped everything clear across the yard to the porch.  Oh, wait, I shlepped about a fourth of it, and with each box, realized it's time to winnow through the decorations. 
I am going to make a couple of the Christmas wreaths with my extra glass balls.
And some are going to Grandson Chris in Garnett for his first tree on his own.
I slept good last night.
Neighbor Troy, laid off three weeks ago, was kind enough to let me hire him to clean our pasture up.  He brush hogged it... then came over with the finish mower to clean it all neatly.  It looks like the "park", as I call his yard behind his house, seen behind him.  What a blessing he was!
Here they come, from the ONE spot in the pasture that I want them to avoid, the old cistern in the southwest corner.  There is a small opening there, and Keith and I know how deep it is, we began filling it in with debris after we moved here.  Snakes live down there, but we are afraid a certain tiny pug girl could squirm down there in pursuit of something.  I am going to drive some t posts in and put up some fencing to keep them away from it.  That's the mound of dirt the llamas liked to stand on, too.
Who, me????
(Both pugs are on diets, and we are encouraging as much running and trotting around the pasture as they can stand)
Here's what my today inolved, to get me in the real mood.
I got to take Jax and Paiton to the Small Mall for shopping for their brothers, sister, and Mom and Dad.   Not only did the elves help them shop, but we got to ride this:
The Small Mall is at the C.W. Parker Carousel Museum in Leavenworth, Kansas.  This beautifully restored merry-go-round is there, plus one from the 1860's (not to ride, but occasionally demonstrated), and another that is currently being restored.  This is a really fun place to go for kids and their grown-ups!  What a kick-off to the Christmas season!


  1. Beautiful Carousal & beautiful Grandkids! And, love a neighbor who is able to contribute.

  2. Mary Ann, what a surprise to come visit you to find out what you've been up to and see that you mention my blog! That is so sweet. You have made my day! And to think you went to the trouble to do that after the busy days you have there with the animals, the grandkids and trying to decorate for Christmas! Bless your heart, and thank you so much.

    Poor little pugs to have to be on a diet at Christmas time, but I guess it's for their own good. At least this warm weather and no rain lets them run around outside. Ours have to be forced to go out in the rain even when we hold an umbrella over them.

    Thank you again for the surprise!

  3. SEVENTY? Whoa nelly. It is December right? :) Isn't that always the way? Coming from the ONE spot you want them to avoid? :) I think that's a dog thing, but Pugs are extra good at it :) Looks like everyone enjoyed their day, and meeting Santa! Too cute.

  4. How nice of your neighbor to help you...and for you to give him some work. Enjoy your 70 degrees tomorrow!

  5. Kids and a Carousal --- too much fun!!

  6. good lord woman...i would have had a heart attack schlepping all of my christmas decorations that far! next time load them in the back of the car or pickup and drive them up...or...hook a sled to your pugs and make them pull them up for you =o)

  7. So many good things going on. The dog looks to be in good shape. Yea for exercise!

  8. I'm sorry to hear about your neighbor being laid off.

    Maybe next time you could hire him to box blade and use that mound of dirt to cover up the cistern.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. Excellent riding weather.


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