Sunday, November 4, 2012

What We Saw

Early  this morning, Lilly was at the bedroom window, next to my ear, quietly growling out the slightly-opened window.  I mumbled to her... I was really out of it for once... and after a few low barks, heard Keith get up and let her out.  He always put his glasses on before going to the door... and he said that she ran to the middle of the yard like a shot... then straight over to the fenceline where the little henhouse is. 
Ranger went with her. 
This morning, we overslept and I went to a later church service.  Before I left... we brought the game camera in.
When you look at these pictures, subtract an hour, because I forgot to re-set the camera clock last night.

Here's Mr. Possum, just after dark.
And Mr. Fox coming...
And going....
And Mr. Possum or his brother back at 9:49.
Look closely, folks, this is NOT Mr. Fox.  This is the first time that we have, for sure, seen a fine speciman of coyote in our pasture.  It looks healthy, doesn't it?  Notice it was 5:48 AM when it visited... and you can't tell but the little chickens in the pen behind it were already awake and up.  At least one of them was keeping an eye on it, you can just barely see the eye reflected in the light of the flash to the left of the coyote's tail.
I had the camera intervals set two minutes apart, so I don't think it was here for long... but I think Lilly could sense how close it was.
"Christmas link" for you to look at....
Go here for a good idea to do with simple yard sale gift baskets... we have made these for years, but now are going to use the suggested tag on the post... and ask people to "Pay them Forward" in the spirit of fellowship!  What a grand idea!   


  1. Oh goodie for you! These are cool shots. You have inspired me to try this myself.

  2. Its more like a night time Zoo at your place!! But cool shots!

  3. How exciting, but also how scarie for your chickens!!
    You may want to put them on a concrete slab so those "varments" can't dig in and get your fine, feathered friends.

  4. You get some really fascinating shots with that camera! At least it's nice to know what you're up against out there in the dark!

  5. Wow!!!!!! That is really much wildlife out there in the dark.....neat night camera.....glad the chickens are safe.....Blessings Francine...

  6. I will definitely get a night camera. No telling what shows up at night. Heck, the fox come out in the daytime. Hope all the chickens are safe.

  7. Great shot of Wily Coyote! Our neighbors shot one a week or so ago, I'm almost sure it was the same one we had run by our house a couple of times. It was healthy looking, too. I had been a little afraid for our outside cats.

  8. We've had coyotes run thru the pasture. Too close for me.

  9. It's like Grand Central Station there by your coop. Yikes!

  10. Whoa...
    those predators are to close for comfort!
    Hope they don't come back!!

    Going over to check out the link.


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