Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Some Blogging Stuff

Everyday in my email inbox, I get links for some blogs that I cannot follow through Blogger... and today I got one from "Brown Eyed Baker" that I think a lot of you will enjoy.  Here is the link to 120 recipes for Christmas baking and cooking!  It's really an incredible list and your "one-stop shop" for Christmas recipes.
Yesterday, I read some very interesting words on another blog, here,  "On Crooked Creek" written by Pat, to wit:
Retirement is a special time. . .
time to edit,
time to explore,

time to organize,
time to plan,

time to research,
time to refresh? ? ?
Some folks have suggested that I jump right into volunteerism, now that I'm no longer working and have "lots of free time".  Let me set the record straight... I'm 62.  I started working at 14 as a volunteer usher for the Kansas City Philharmonic, which predated the Kansas City Symphony.  I took my volunteer work very seriously, and my parents made sure I was at every performance.  When I was fifteen, I began working in the summers at a doctor's office, and then worked after school (for which I paid my own tuition for my sophmore, junior and senior years) for the next few years.  I bought my own horse, and paid for her stabling, her vet bills, and wore the boots my parents bought me for 20 years.  When my kids were four and six, I began working back in the theater and local arenas as a part time usher and ticket taker and did that for the next 27 years... until I became the manager at a theater at nights and on the weekends. All year, I worked all day long in an office

I'm enjoying retirement! 
The things that Pat wrote about are the things I am doing now... editing my life, exploring things I have always wanted to do... organizing the house... planning for my next few years with which God will hopefully bless me... researching those things that I always wanted to know more about... refreshing my marriage to a wonderful man. 
I get up and do chores morning and evening so that others can have some protein on their tables... and for now, that's my volunteering.  I hope, in the spring, to begin regular hours at several different places... but for right now, I'm taking care of Mary Ann and Keith. (and our babies!)
Here's another blog truism... if TexWisGirl from the Run Around Ranch has been there before me, I know it's going to be a good post!  I run into her on many of the blogs I read, and she not only has a good blog, she makes good comments!
I'm just now getting things out of the storage buildings to decorate for Christmas.  So many of my friends have stopped decorating, but I think the grands still enjoying seeing the house prettied up, and I know I do.  I saw a great idea for Christmas decorations yesterday at Cindy's blog, Retro Revival, and that's the link to the beautiful wreath she made.  The wreath is one I have seen in lots of magazines... made from Christmas balls.  I could never imagine making one myself, but they are EASY.  Cindy linked to a site that had an easy tutorial on it... and I read it and realized I could make this wreath, too!   It is as simple as feeding the bulbs onto a wire coat hanger, and hanging them with a lovely bow, as she did below.  You do need to glue the stems to the bulbs, the hanging stems, that is, the little circular things that hold the hangers into the bulbs, so they won't fall.  Easy, peasy!

Cindy's gorgeous wreath. 
I am going to scrounge up the unused bulbs I have and make one for us!
Here is something I did recently at home.  I have to tell you that except for scrapbooking, which I used to do... I am not a crafty person, but enjoying trying some things.
This is a lampshade that I found in September at a shop that was going out of business.  It was 2.00.  It has tiny pinpricked holes to allow the light to come through.
I bought a lamp for 2.00 at the food pantry thrift store where I deliver eggs on Saturdays:
I painted it light blue, to match the shade and it is sitting on our bible table now.  I don't really like blue and white Christmas decorations, but I found the shade and it was pretty, so I adjusted.  The little container in front of the lamp was also found at the thrift store for 1.00 last weekend, it is designed (I think) to hold a candle, but I may use it for candy.  And yes, the shade is probably a bit too small for the lamp, but I am using it at Christmas only, I think. 
That's my little Christmas dog in honor of our Oscar the min-pin, whom we lost so many years ago. 
Now I'm off to check the situation in the henspa, and then to the commissary, to stock up on Christmas ingredients for all the baking to come!
I hope you enjoy the links in this post!


  1. If you are enjoying retirement, enjoy. No need to seek things just because someone else says you should.

    I have never understood people who become bored. I always have something to do.

  2. Heck no I wouldn't volunteer when I retire. Retire means do my what I want to. By then I will have earned my time off.

    Luv that lampshade.

  3. I'm 66 and not working anymore, either. I enjoy spending the day any way I want to and really find that there still aren't enough hours in the day to do all I want to do. I get behind on blogging and commenting and so admire TexWisGirl for getting around to so many blogs and leaving clever comments!

    Great job with the lamp...looks very nice!

  4. First - the Christmas link is right up my alley:)I say relax a bit - you earned it my sweet friend. At this stage in life you get to do what you want to do not hafta do.

    Love the lamp project and score for you on the price!


  5. I don't see how you could be any busier than you already are! Way to go! I'm so glad you're enjoying your busy life! I love reading about it.

  6. A gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do and as long
    as you and Keith are happy that is all that matters!

    Love the wreath--show us yours when yours is finished.

    M :)

  7. I'm 60 and retired, and I've never worked harder, lol! I don't have time to volunteer!
    I love that lamp shade.

  8. It sounds like you're enjoying your retirement...I'd say you've earned it!! Do what you think is best for you! I'm going to have to check out those recipes...the things on those pictures sure look good. And...I did a post for you today! Hope you a chance to read it... :)

  9. Hi Mary Ann! Thanks for your nice comment on Sall's Country Life. I agree with your blog truism about Miss Tex! Love her comments...she's on a whole different time zone when it comes to responding to our posts (I'll never know how she does it!). Love that cookie collage, makes me want to start up my oven! Ugh, I am so behind this holiday season! Not one Christmas decoration up yet. I'll be busy hauling decorations from the barn this weekend, thank goodness the weather is staying warm! I am envious of you in your retired state of mind. What a joy it must feel like to be able to stay home and do what you want to do! It sounds like a life time of hard work and strong ethics has deserved you this time "for You"! Have a great holiday season!

  10. This is your time to enjoy your life. You did earn it. My mommy wants to feel like you.. everyones dream is to enjoy life - to be able to not feel guilty- and just settle into whatever your heart needs to do- to feel the rhythm of life-- this is your life. enjoy it,

  11. For all of Mary Ann's blogging friends, this is Keith, her hubbie. I can tell you that she totally earned her retirement and our house is so much more relaxed and cozy since she did. The dogs are in a better mood ... the chickens love their lives more ... I am in a more relaxed and steady state ... and most importantly Mary Ann is loving life more than ever. She worked her butt off for many years and now gets to choose her daily activities. And that is so cool! Hope I get the chance to do the same thing. Neither of us are perfect people by any means, but both of us have worked hard all of our lives. We hope and pray that others see the value of work in their daily lives.

  12. I am craving some homemade holiday cookies, but am afraid of my total lack of self-control! Maybe I can try just one or two of those new recipes....


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