Saturday, November 3, 2012


Whew.  As my mother in law said to me today "Are you busier than ever?"  and we had a good laugh, because I AM.
This afternoon, I went to my stepdaughter Andrea's baby shower... and here is Keith's Bubba with his great grandma (My mother in law)...

He had just pulled her glasses off and we could hardly get them out of his grip, the strong little thing!
While we were doing the women-folk thing, Keith and his dad were watching Iowa State (they are both Cyclones) get beaten, and then on to the next game while they visited.  Gertie laid next to Ralph all afternoon, Keith told me, and finally put her head on his shoulder as she laid on the back of the loveseat.  We aren't sure what was prompting the affinity, and I had the camera so Keith could not take a picture to show me. 
Gertie's "Gotcha" day is coming up in three weeks, the anniversary (second) of her adoption by us.
We were absolutely blessed to get this brave little pug.
I just realized this picture makes her look like she's giving me the Stink Eye!
This guy (representative picture) was back again last night, but too close to dark to get his picture as he perched on top of the highest pole by the big henyard.  All birds were safely in... we have concluded he's probably been eating mice out there for a while.
Keith has now seen him several times, and says he is a truly majestic bird.  I don't mind if he hunts here, but I sure hope if he goes for a bird, it's an extra rooster.  Soon we will be moving the girls over to their new digs, and I can't wait to show it to you.
And speaking of the girls, the strike is over... here is what I brought in tonight, and I still have a few molting.
And thank heavens they are laying strongly again... I walked into our food pantry this morning and there was already a line of people waiting for their food sacks... the need is still there, though we are starting to see prosperity more and more.  It's what keeps me getting up in the morning and doing chores every day. 
I apologize for the daily changes to the blog... I am experimenting with headers and trying to tweak it a little.  I am NOT a genius at PicMonkey, and don't have the money to pay someone to do everything, besides, where would the fun be?
If you don't know about this story... of Ramsey, the baby donkey, please go see it at The Dancing Donkey.  I have meant to feature this wonderful blog on my sidebar for weeks.  Ramsey, the baby donkey, has developed a very serious illness, and Kris, his owner, has decided to try to save him.  She is a single woman who supports herself and her equines alone.  Please read his story and if you are so behooved, help as you can, even with prayers, as she needs help sorely.


  1. Good Morning Mary Ann,
    Cute baby picture! And glad that you've got eggs again. You did know that you can freeze eggs - especially in the summer when you get too many. and like you - I have been following the Dancing Donkey!! That poor baby donkey! Both are in a sad situtation!Yes prayers go to both!

  2. Morning Mary Ann, glad your getting eggs more now. , good girls, hope they watch out for that Owl......Sweet little Puggy ..... Will pop into the Dancing Donkey and say a prayer but know I will feel really sad reading about the baby Donkey........Blessings Francine.

  3. I like the new blog look! Keep it up! Your doing fine!

  4. You are busy! Like always.. *grin**.

    Love the new look of your blog, and I'm going over to the link that you've posted.

    May this coming week be a great one for you :)

  5. Glad your hens are cooperating and that you are able to help the pantry again.

    I know any and all help is a wonderful thing at times for us and other folks

  6. those eggs looked yummy...the only time we have chickens at our house is in the freezer (whatever that means) that is so nice you share your eggs with people who really appreciate them!!
    stella rose


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