Friday, June 17, 2011

A Tornado Watch

We're under a tornado watch tonight, and believe me, we take them seriously.  Our satellite service is malfunctioning... we have Dish Network, but tonight can't get any of the local stations except in HD, which we don't pay for.  Dish just informed me the equipment was malfunctioning, they thought, and they were glad to set up a service call.... for $95.00!!!  I asked them why I should pay to have their equipment fixed (we are renting the DVR) and got no satisfactory answer.  As someone who worked for a cable company for 23 years.... and we NEVER charged a tech fee.... it is mystifying.  I left them with the words that I would call tomorrow and make a decision, and the tech hung up abruptly without a fare-thee-well.  Humphhh!

I miss my cable tv... in fact, I miss my FREE cable tv!!!

Here are scenes from the garden tonight:
The darkening skies.  I did chores this morning during a lightening storm... fun!

Yarrow and Monarda blooming (bee balm)
White lilies

Double yellow hollyhocks with daylilies in front of them

I think this is geum "Mrs. Bradshaw" about to bloom.
... and the phlomis is just now blooming tiny yellow flowers.  I think it is grown more for it's foliage than the flowers, since it's a pleasing bronze amongst the green.  The flowers are very small, and yellow.


  1. We used to have Dish Network, but finally dropped them as they kept increasing their prices and we watch so little TV. Fortunately, we get local news on several stations....

  2. Everything is looking good. We have some trouble with Bee Balm being invasive, must be the type Dad planted.

    Hope the bad storms passed you by.

  3. I only get the free local stuff through the converter box. I miss non-digital tv. At least you have lots of beautiful flowers to look upon while cable is out!

  4. Hi Mary Ann

    Hope that all went well last night. I've been reading your blog this week and that intruder was SCAREY - be careful!


  5. I miss the free cable too. Sorry your dish network went out. Hope it is working now. Love, Mary G.

  6. All the utilities usually make me mad enough to spit when you try to talk to them.


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