Thursday, June 9, 2011

Another Hot Day

Clouds have drifted in and out overhead all day and this evening, but so far, no storms.  They are in the forecast for tomorrow.

It's so important to do water as soon as I get home these days, and it was good that I checked Butch's pen tonight, because they had knocked their waterer over at some point.  I got them a fortex and filled it with cold well water, and they drank and drank. 

The pasture is lush and green now, and the view looking down onto our neighbor's ponds is especially pretty.

Here is where our little pond used to be.  We were worried about having it plowed and seeding it, but nature is taking over.  The guy left it very, very rough... there are so many hummocks I don't know how I will be able to mow it with the John Deere.

I had help while I was doing chores:

Actually, all three of them were in there. Tony was waiting for me to turn my back so he could eat the chicken feed.  They do not like the new formulation of feed from our feed store, so I am trying to find llama pellets (or sheep pellets) for them somewhere.
And guess what? 
The chickens didn't like it much, either.

It LOOKS like sweet feed... but must not taste like it.  I know a certain Palomino pony that would have glommed onto it in an instant!
So then I went out to fill the water trough with clean cold water....
and to put a little more in the swimming pool that I put out to cool the ground. 
This is what I saw: 
She walked around in it and tried to lay down.
As you can see, she needs to be sheared badly.  Keith is building a catch chute so it can be done on Sunday this weekend.  It won't be pretty. (Llama Rodeo Day)
I went and got the phone and called Keith, who was out checking on the river.  He stopped and bought a bigger child's pool on the way home, and we filled it with good water. Inca came over to it immediately, but we have not seen her step in it yet.  We did not fill it too full, so she could lay down in it and cool off her chest and belly. 
By the way.... Tony succeeded:

I posted this, but I have an addendum... Haying has started here in our area, but there is not a BALE of hay or straw to be had at any feed store in a 25 mile radius.  We also notice that our flowers are blooming out of sequence, and neighbor Kathy came over tonight to see the gardens, and told us that HERS are blooming out of sequence (like, my sedum is about to bloom, that regularly blooms in August).  She works for a landscape contractor, and they have noticed it, too.  Very strange.


  1. The heat probably has the plants fooled into thinking it is already August! It is hot and dry here too. We need rain so badly. Love the Llama stepping into the pool.

  2. We got a rain on Tuesday and then one last night (Thursday). Bless the Lord.

    We needed it and more!


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