Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Llama Lovers Please Note

Here is Inca, tonight.  I think I wrote that we found odd skin problems under her "arms" when we sheared... I did not realize until last night that the skin problems also are on her legs, and now, I believe, on her muzzle as well.

You can just see the two large patches on the inside of either leg.  I am thinking now that it is some kind of mange, unfortunately.  I did a little reading up today and both common manges are treatable, but there are also two other kinds of mange.  I noticed when we sheared on Sunday that her wool had lots of little flecks of "dandruff" in it... but I don't think they were mites (which this could also be). 
If there are any long time llama owners reading this, I wish you would either message me at the blog, or at
Here is her back:

Yes, they got her pretty closely with the shears.  I am worried that the patch near her tail is the mange, though (or whatever it is).  I am going to try to get a scrape of it sometime this week, and have the parasitologist at work look at it (or the vet).  Joani bought a llama at the sale one time that turned out to have it, and she treated the llama orally with ivermectin and the infection went away, so maybe we will try that.  I would like to identify it first, though. 
Inca likes to eat laying down!

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  1. Don't know anything about llamas. But, I think that the ivermectin would probably do the trick.

    It kills all kinds of parasites, worms and pests.

    Do llamas allow you to bathe them?


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