Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Quick Post

Quick tonight.  I have not talked about it, but three weeks ago I tried to wear heels for the first time in over a year, and fell out of them gracefully (NOT!) at work.  Thank heavens I landed on carpet, because falling is one of my biggest fears.  I knew as soon as I came to rest that I had done something to the back that was just feeling better after several epidural injections. 

I found out today from the doctor that I had caused soft tissue damage, and it was causing muscle spasms.  No wonder it has hurt to walk or even to sleep in the last 3 weeks!  I will be having another epidural soon, and I have muscle relaxers to take at night if I am in a lot of pain. 
I am afraid of falling on the farm, and afraid of laying there with no one finding me for hours, so I try to be careful as I do chores.  I once had a neighbor at the old Calamity Acres who fell down her basement stairs one morning... by a miracle of God, her son stopped at home on his lunch hour, and found her hurt at the bottom of the stairs, calling 911.  I've tried always to be careful since that time.   I think this is a concern for any farmer, hobby or "real". 

Here are some things I saw tonight:
Inca and Aztec, laying just inside the pasture gate.

Welsummer cockerel, tried to mount one of the pullets tonight... time for him to leave the juvenile pen.

The larger of the two Mille Fleur cockerels... he has muffs, which you can't see from this angle.
Clouds in the sky over the pasture this evening.  Fortunately, they were breaking up.  Folks upriver, however, have much to worry about in the next few days.  Keith believes (and he works in emergency management) that there will be literally a tsunami coming down the Missouri River if they keep releasing as much water from the dams upstream as they are.  He is worried that not just a few, but many towns will suffer as a result.  Please say a prayer for all the folks about to be hit in the next few days.


  1. Hope you are feeling better soon. Definitely carry your cell phone with you while you are out and about. Your pictures are wonderful. Hopefully, all those emergency levees will be able to hold as the water rises in the Mighty Mo.

  2. Bless your heart, Mary Ann~ sounds like you took a nasty fall! Hope you feel better soon.
    Your young roos are so very pretty... love their plumage.
    I feel so badly for all those affected by the flooding~ I will definitely keep those around you in my prayers.

  3. Get well soon. I'm such a klutz, I have to be very careful about my footwear.

    We finally got a blessing in the form of a wonderful rain. Suppose to rain here again, and we need it.

  4. No more heels for you! Hope you get to feeling better soon. The cell phone idea is great for anyone at home by themselves.
    Love the pics.
    Not thrilled with the water release--I hope everyone is fine. Very Scary-even for those of us in the city.

    Take Care.



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