Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hero Dogs

Not to overdo it, but here are the Hero Dogs checking out the bench Keith was putting together on the deck tonight.

Gertie Lou, Bravest of the Brave

Abby and Gertie check out the leg.

Hannah, observing only.
Ranger, watching from the corner, where he guards the door
And Lil, who went from deck to yard the entire time we Keith worked on the bench for me.  (The bench I bought on Mother's Day, and thought I was going to put together myself!)

Lilly Ann, Bravest of All, checks the bench out.
Here she is as I was on my way to lock up the little birds:

She is a big strong dog in her prime. My theory is that the guy that got in the yard yesterday morning was not IN the yard while she was out, he climbed the fence after Keith called her in.  She is the one he needed to be scared of! 
So get this... I forgot to take a picture of the bench when finished.  Now it's dark, and too late.  We left it on the deck, and I'll get some outdoor pillows to put on it, it is NOT comfortable.  I bought it at one of my favorite stores, so won't say which one, but when we turned it over, it had a sticker "Made In China", and after two bolts broke while being screwed in, Keith looked over at me and said "you get what you pay for".  He's right! 


  1. Hi Mary Ann, I came over to visit when I noticed you are my newest follower! Love your header; was scared for you when I read of the intruder. We lived in Kansas our first four years of marriage (in the 80s) so I recognized some place names. Looking forward to following your blog, too!

  2. At least you tried.
    How are you able to follow anyone?
    I can't see any Followers ANYWHERE but I guess other can see my followers.
    Because of this I can't join anyone's blog.


  3. Glad you've got those wonderful bodyguards, Mary Ann- I missed the last post and went back to see what happened... how awful! That definitely could turned into a tragic situation.

  4. I know your dogs are precious to you. I am always buying something and thinking I can put it together and then I have to take it to my brother or if it's too big, he has to come to my apt. Love, Mary G.


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