Wednesday, June 15, 2011

An Addendum to this Morning's Post

Keith spoke with the police chief in Leavenworth today, and got advice on what we did wrong this morning, and folks, it was plenty!

The protective gun was in the shop.  I had asked Keith to put it somewhere where NO grandkids OR his son Brandon or my grandson Chris could find it, and he did.  I myself did not know where it was.  From now on it will be in the house, though unloaded.  We have had one tragedy, horrible tragedy in this family with guns, and there won't be another if I have to do anything about it. 

The chief told him he should NEVER have gone outside, not knowing whether the man was armed.  It turned out the man was someone in his forties, at Keith's estimate.  We know he was on the garden (road) side of the house, but he had gone to the "inside" pasture side when I shined the light.  The chief warned Keith he could have been about to steal one of the vehicles, or do something else terrible. 

He was warned NEVER to give his phone to anyone again, and never to question the person. 

He was told (asked) to call the sheriff as soon as he became aware of someone on the property. 

I am to program in the sheriff's number to my phone. 

Keith is a big, strong man, who was in the service for 24 years, and this guy was maybe 5 foot 8 inches... but who knows what he was on, or if it was all an act.  The story he gave Keith did not make any sense, and in fact, we don't know if he WAS high or just telling a story.  Anyway, we don't believe he knew where he was, and couldn't find the house again, and he KNOWS THE BIG DOGS ARE HERE. 

We were lucky.  We all write about the pleasant things on our places... animals, gardening, decorating, eating, cooking, baking.... we forget that not everyone is like us.... that there are people who will hurt and steal just to get by... and we were darned blessed by God that this man last night, who could have been an escaped felon, left when Keith told him to get the heck off our property and never come back. 

Learn from our mistakes, please!


  1. There isn't much scarier than something like this happening when you live in the country. The unthinkable happened to our neighbour at Christmas time and life is always in high alert now. Sad times indeed when you have to think twice about helping someone.

    Your sheriff had some good points, thanks for sharing them.

  2. One just cant be too trusting anymore.
    It is sad but true.

    Be safe!!!


  3. I'm so glad that all turned out OK.

  4. One afternoon I was in the yard on the hill with my old dog Country. 2 guys stopped in front of the drive and were looking at our property. They stayed there for a couple of minutes.

    Finally Country saw them and went running/barking toward them. When I started hollering for her to "come", they took off.

    When hubby came in there were t-posts, a 16 foot hog panel and a gate sitting by the driveway for him to close off the front.

    Now we have a locked gate at the front. I know it won't stop somebody intent on harming us or stealing, but it would slow em down.

  5. Bad things are all over. We now have a rapist in the Rosedale area of KS and maybe the same one just assaulted a lady running on a trail on the MO side. Glad neither of you were hurt or any of your animals. Love, Mary G.


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