Thursday, June 2, 2011

Last Night's Storm

Whew, the storm about which I wrote last night turned out to be a gully-washer!  We had hail the size of 50 cent pieces, and Keith was trapped out in the workshop, watching the waterworks from the door.  We could see each other, but had to use the phones to talk!  Luckily the lights did not go out (they had the previous night for almost an hour) though I lit some candles to be safe. 

After it was all over, we had very little damage, just some smaller branches and a lot of leaves. Not even a dent in a car!

The sidebar picture tonight is of Ranger and Gertie.  Our biggest and littlest dog have become the best of friends, almost as if Ranger and Oscar were still here.  We thought at first that Ranger was simply trying to breed Gertie, but we realized (they are both neutered) that he wanted only to play.  They run up and down the hall ... or rather, Gertie Lou runs, and Ranger galumphs along with his limping gait.  He tolerates her jumping all over his face and neck, which he will not let anyone else do.  We have never seen him so friendly and gentle since Oscar has been gone.  So far he has not hurt her, and yesterday morning as we were getting ready to leave, we found them companionably laying together on the blue pads in the kitchen, and were able to get their pictures.  We leave Ranger in during the days now, as he is old and his hips sore.  He sleeps most of the time, and the four of them, Ranger, Abby, Gertie and Hannah, snore away.
Here is Gertie keeping me company last night:

One thing you should know about Gertie Lou is that she ALWAYS has to tuck her nose in... either to me, to Keith, to one of the other pugs.  They often pile on each other here at my feet as I type.

Note Gert's nose is tucked in again.  If you look in the first photo, you will see Abby's ears.  Where I am, she usually is, and more true about Hannah.
Here is the deck after the storm this morning:

The chairs at the table didn't blow over, we turn them like that so they don't collect rainwater and leaves to dirty them.
My old washtubs in each corner of the deck have zinnas coming up in them.  I need to get busy now that it is warmer, and plant the rest of the annual seeds this weekend.  Where did Memorial Day weekend GO????

I leave you tonight with a brief video of what is going on in the little henyard these days.  I'm putting up an ad ($2.00 each) at the feed store this weekend.... Keith says he will believe it when he sees it.... to try to MOVE some of these guys.
And before I go, a shout out to new blog reader Mattie, who has two beautiful, beautiful blogs herself!


  1. Glad all is well. Sounds like a whopper of a storm.
    I heard a litle about it on the news and wondered about you guys.
    Have a great weekend!


  2. Many, many 'thank yous', Mary Ann! I'm so happy to have found your wonderful blog. I love the pictures of your 'doggie' family (I'm an avid animal lover), and I look forward to visiting you many times in the future. It was a great pleasure visiting you today.(smile)

    Hopefully, the storms will die down, and the sun will shine for all of us!

    Blessings, my new friend,

  3. Sounds like you had a real nasty one blow through!

  4. I love your blog Mary Ann, but can't handle the snakes. They are really vicious looking. Love, Mary G.

  5. Bad roos....

    I wish we had rain, but don't want a storm.


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