Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Hot Sunday

Whew!  Hot today.  I was not well during the night, so slept in a little this morning.  Finally, at noon, I made myself go out and get the garden bed ready for the new plants I bought over the last two weeks.
Here is the start of the new 50 foot bed; it will take a while for it to be finished. 

There is a white lilac bush planted in the background, you can barely see it.
Those are some more kniphofia in front of it to the right (red hot pokers) , some lamium in the front, and a mountain bluet to their left.  I have one in the other bed, and love it.

You can't tell, because they are so thin, but there are two yarrow plants there, and a glorious orange daylilly that is huge, but I would have to run out and look at the tag for it's name.
In front of it are two new pyrethrums (you can't see one) that are orange, they are called "Fire... somthing"... yep, forgot the name, but kept the tags.  I realized after I planted that I had gone with reds, yellows and oranges in this bed except for the bluet and the little flowers on the lamium.  I think it's "Firethorn" but I'll have to look (sigh). Bed number one looked like this last year, and like this, now:
Keith was at the Royals game, and I was tidying up this bed, admiring the bees working on the flowers, when something whizzed past my ear.  I looked up to see it alight in the maple tree.. it was a hummingbird!  We had them galore when we first moved here, but we think the swallows ran them out.  I was so glad to see it approaching the flowers and the feeder I keep hanging in the bed.  I just put new syrup in it Friday night, and I'll bring it in again tonight and clean it, putting more new in. 
I found these in the big henyard.  Hardly anyone lay today, it was so hot.  I let Butch and his girls out early this morning, and let them run in the pasture for the day.  I confined Rambo and what is left of his flock in the big henyard for the day.  There is shade in there, but it was still so hot that I did water at 1, and again at 6.  These eggs are from one of the little white hens, who are the remnants of my original Japanese bantams.  I have three tiny little girls; one is an Old English gamebird, though. 
Butch's girls laid in the pasture somewhere, and I never did find their eggs.  Once everyone moves to the new henhouse (layers anyway) I'll be getting nice eggs daily. 
Keith got home in late afternoon and carried feed sacks for me (bless him!) and now is out in the garden, after a light salad for dinner.  He had a good time and the Royals won, so that was a good end to the weekend!


  1. Hi there! Havent been around for while, just been catching up on your blog! You`ve been busy!.....Sorry to hear you were`nt to well, get better soon!

  2. Those hens can be sneaky! That flower bed is huge.

  3. Busy again! Hope you are feeling better.
    This weather does not help.
    Let's go Royals. glad Keith got to se a winner.



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