Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Remembrance of Days Past

You know that I love to collect old pictures, and recently featured pictures I bought at auction and had developed from the old negatives.  Those pictures were from occupied Japan, circa 1945-6. 

With the same group of pictures, I got small photos removed from an album, which will be featured soon.  I also bought about 25 of the best tintypes I had ever seen, with most of the pictures still very clear and legible.  Tonight's story will feature some of them. 

Before I start, I will say that it was very, very hot here... heat index well in the triple digits, and high humidity.  Hard on animals and man. 

I took a half day vacation to come home and make sure all the animals were safe... found Inca in the swimming pool... and the birds suffering in the heat.  All the dogs were safely in the house.
Thank heavens for air conditioning!

So here are some of the wonderful old tintypes I got.
I know this is crooked, but so is the tintype.  I like to think that these are four sisters... Like the "Little Women", Jo, Amy, Meg and Beth. 

Why do I suspect these are two brothers and their wives?  I love the boater hats... do you suppose they were about to go on an excursion?  1890s, my guess.
I love this one because of the sweet children.  Do you suppose those are little purses, or Easter baskets?
My guess is the little tyke in the middle with the bonnet is a boy!
Another dapper group, out for a day's trip for a picnic.  Three couples, friends all, I suspect.

Today, when I got home, I found one of my favorite birds dead in the doghouse in the dogpen out in the pasture, not killed by a predator, dead, we think, from the heat. 
RIP Angel, most beautiful of hens


  1. Neat photo's. I think we may go to an auction tomorrow morning.

    Aw, sorry. Do you have a tarp or something over the dog pen for shade? That's the only thing my hubby fusses about that I do...he hates to see the tarps. But, I told him just as soon as he put a covered roof to block the sun, then I would quit using the tarps.

  2. Those old photos are just priceless! I did the same as you, took off work to check on the animals. We were over 100F but were saved by a breeze all day. I didn't loose anything luckily. Sorry about your hen. Those little porcelains are so fragile it seems.


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