Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Red Sky in Morning, Sailors Take Warning

Here is a picture of the sun at 6:15 this morning:
And here it was tonight, about an hour or so ago:

Ooopsss.... no sun!  It was the other thing I wanted you to see.... the clouds in the west!  We have a 30 percent chance of rain.  I am so hoping.  We have had 3 blistering days of sun and heat, and the animals around here need a break, as does our electric bill.

Here are Gertie and Hannah on the deck having a drink of ice cold well water tonight

And here's Ranger having a drink with his big feet.... this is how he has always had a drink of water!

Keith had to put the little brassy down last night... we did not want him to suffer.  I listened long and hard to the other juveniles tonight, but could not hear any barking or congested breathing.  The black standard hen Libby is no longer barking, so maybe things are subsiding.  I won't count on it until I see it, though.  What a month it has been!


  1. Hope you get your cool down. We had storms go through, and it's supposed to be twenty degrees cooler tomorrow. I love how Ranger gets his drink!

  2. I'd love some rain but it worries me with all the flooding and the work on Parkville and the sandbagging.
    Sounds like things have settled down abit. Love the dog pics.


  3. I luv the wrinkles on their faces.

    hahaha, Ranger is funny.

    Sorry about all the chicken losses. I'm hoping things settle down for ya'll too.

  4. It seems Ranger has the right idea in getting cooled off! I really enjoyed seeing your pictures, especially those of your beautiful dogs.They gave me a smile this morning.

    I'm sorry about the loss of your chickens. Hopefully, the worst is over.

    Stay cool and have a wonderful day,

  5. Haha~ Ranger has the right idea, just take a dip in the water while you drink! (Smart dog!)
    It has been unbearably hot here too, Mary Ann... and things are starting to get REALLY dry. We need some rain bad.
    Try to stay cool!

  6. Your dogs and other farm friends sure loves the weather!


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