Saturday, June 4, 2011

Blogger Problems

A short post this morning, and will follow with a longer one this evening.  It is hot here already, and we want to try to get as much done as we can before it gets too hot.

I tried to log in to make a post last night, but could not even get signed in to my own blog.  I have noticed over the course of the last two weeks that there are many times I cannot even open the blogs on my own blog roll, Blogger seems to spool and spool and spool and the blog never opens.  If I have not commented on your blogs lately, it is sure not for lack of trying.  Many times I just become frustrated and after several minutes of waiting, close it.  I met a fellow blogger, Melinda of Country Dreaming, at the ball game last Saturday, and she told me that Blogger is causing her blog to space oddly all the time... that it is not she who is spacing her paragraphs oddly, but they are happening automatically.  I know others of you have mentioned trouble. 

We are going to spray Ozine in the big henhouse today, and then tonight I'll start cleaning out the little henhouse.  I'm hauling that detritus to the pasture, but the cleanings from the big henhouse are being hauled off the property because we have had some illness in there.  The Ozine will cleanse and kill lurking bacteria we hope, and we are closing the birds out while it dries.  I also have gone to war against the vermin.  We are shutting the chicken feeder up in a can at night, so the mice have actually begun tunneling into the bag of diatomaceous earth in desperation!  We have lost several layers, but I have quite a few coming on, and will replace those we have lost. 

We are also trying to move some roosters out, we don't have time to butcher as Keith is on call for possible flooding in this area.  Our big creek that is a mile from our house, Stranger, is flowing BACKWARDS because the Kaw River is so high right now (Kansas River, called the Kaw here).  The little town of Elwood in Doniphan County is Keith's responsibility as far as coordinating state aid for them, as their levee is very close to being breached right now by the Mighty Mo (the Missouri).  He will be spending the night up there several days this week as they put their team into action to help the city in their plans for taking care of the citizens and trying to prevent wholesale flooding.   I'm going to try to get a picture of the backwards flow of water, it's really something to see.

So for now, that's it... sorry for the pictureless post.  I'll do better later if we don't go down to heat exhaustion today!  What a week.... 66 for a high one day, to possible triple digits!

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  1. blogger is still giving me fits about commenting on some sites, can't do it


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