Friday, June 10, 2011

A Few Random Thoughts

It rained today, about a half inch, based on what was in my little grey garden cart.  Enough that I did not have to drag the hose around and water flowers tonight!

The clouds are moving out as I type this.

When I got home, I immediately did water, even though it did not get oppressively hot today.

I goofed up and left the gate open to Butch's pen, and out came his girls.  It took Rambo about two minutes to see them!

I got the gate shut before Butch could get out.  With his one eye, he is no match for ANY of the other roosters. 

Observe the damp belly and legs of Inca, who will soon lose that heavy, matted wool.
She was laying in the pool Keith got last night!  Almost all the water was sloshed out of it, so I refilled it when I got home.  Good for her, sensible llama!
The chickens won't even eat the feed I got for the llamas last week. Of course, Keith says why should they, when there is a pasture full of good bugs and grass!
I talked to a very nice clerk at Tractor Supply in Lawrence tonight, who actually answered the phone 15 minutes after they closed... and then went to find out if they had any llama feed in stock!  Her name was Cheryl, and she spoke so highly of her store and employers I am going to make sure tomorrow when I go to get a bag to try that her bosses know what a gem that they have in her.  The bag is 3/4 again as much as what we were paying, but it they will eat it, Keith says we will stock up on three or four bags in cans in the haybarn to have on hand. 
I know they can also order Mazuri, that Purina makes for exotics, if I need them to.
Here is Butch in his pen, upset, watching Angel in the llama pen with Rambo.  A few minutes later, Angel and Reddy came back to him, glad to get back in with their gentle Butch.  Eagle, the Ameracauna, had disappeared.  I walked all around the pasture looking for her, and then saw her in the llama pen.  By the time I came back around, she was gone again.  I knew if I waited a while, she would reappear near Butch, and sure enough, she did.  They are all back with their "man" for the night.  Tomorrow I'll leave Rambo and his girls in for a while in the morning and give them a chance to stretch their legs.

Tomorrow, too, I am going to share something wonderful in picture with you, that I was priveleged to discover this past week.  I think you will be as astounded as we were!


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  2. Do over....
    The story about Inca just cracks me up.
    What a picture you paint!!

    Have a great weekend.


  3. Rain is good. After all our rain in May, June has been super hot and dry.

    It is a delight to find a helpful service person.

  4. What do you do with the llama hair?

    They are neat creatures.


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