Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Late Post

I tried to post last night, but Blogger was so slow, the blog never came up.  Of course, it might have been Hughesnet dragging it's feet, because I could not get to run any faster, finally gave up, and went to bed to read for a while.

It has stormed here today, and we are expecting round two any time.  We have a ballgame tonight, but I am not sure they will be able to take the field.  Our team has changed independent leagues, and has been losing pretty steadily this year, but we still like to go and watch.  After a cool morning, it has gotten muggy outside.  I did chores when we got home from Saturday errands, thinking to get them done before the rains came again.  My plan was to put the Welsummer cockerel with the group in the little henyard now, but I can't catch him, and I got so hot trying, I stopped.  I've got 30 plants to get put into the new bed, but have come in to sit and rest a while before starting.  I have a suspicion it is going to rain on my parade.

Last weekend, with the grands coming, I did not get on the mower.  I paid for it this week... here is what I did on Thursday and Friday evenings:

It was like mowing the pasture, which I'll do tomorrow if it is not too wet.
Down in the northeast corner, just ahead of the tractor in the picture above, I found these:

I can't believe Lilly Ann is slipping up on Mole Patrol.  There were at least 15 big mounds that I drove over.  When we first moved here, I remember mowing over some mole holes and looking down and seeing little faces watching me!

Ditch lilies just outside our front gate.
And you can just see them going down the road, in large groups.
We intended to get a lot done on the new henhouse today, but the storm is precluding that.  It may be God's way of saying "Slow down for one weekend!".   Keith cleaned up the garden area this week, and it is looking mighty good.  I have about 25 plants to put in the new planting bed, but will wait until after church tomorrow to see how the weather is doing. 
Here is a cute picture to leave you with of one of my little pets:

Muffy the Mille.


  1. We wanted to mow the pasture today to make hay, but we had rain. Now I don't know when it will get done. Love those ditch lilies!

  2. Speaking of moles, we had one or several tunneling thru our hay field.....


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