Monday, June 20, 2011

A Quieter Monday

Boy, and I mean quiet.  There are actually SEVEN roosters gone now... the tiny white Little Boy is gone, too, the kids must have gone back in and gotten him.  There are only three roosters left in the little henyard, and one cockerel... the Partridge Rock (who will be bigger than all of them!) .  Ratchett is still there with his Elvis forelock... and Bluey, the blue silky... and the smallest of the Brahma Bullies, who is bereft without his two pals.  I am considering putting Butch and his three girls in this yard.  Their pen gets dirty quickly, and they do not get to get out until I get home from work in the evening and lock Rambo up.  I won't do it until Friday night, when I can watch how things go on Saturday morning.  Butch has only one eye... I am not worried about the silky or the cockerel, but I am worried about the pugnacious Brahma and Ratchett.  Butch is equal to Ratchett in size, and bigger than the other two. 

Of course, I have an ulterior motive, besides the happiness of my three girls and Butch.  When grandson Chris comes up again in two weeks, I'll ask him to help me fold this pen up, and we'll move it into the little henyard.  Then we'll move a doghouse into it, and separate the juveniles from their four by four pen, where they are getting too crowded.  I tried to convince the little boys last night to take one of the two heavily booted partridge cochin cockerels, but they did not like feathered feet.  It was their dad who wanted the Brahma that they took.  All the others were clean-legged. 

Here is our little GIRL Aztec having some chow tonight. You can see how gray her undercoat is. She has a barrel cut only, and her wool was so very thin and fine.

Rooster Two.  I would have hated to lose him, and for some reason, the little boys LOVED him.  He's old, he's five this summer, one of the last own sons of Fred, our Japanese bantam (Two is a cross). One, Two, Three and Four are the last direct sons.  Four died in the harsh winter, and Two managed to get away from the little boys.  I'm glad.  I won't have these three old boys much longer, I'm sure.

And lastly, the three little girls, waiting for Mommy to come in and sit down and watch tv with them.  I still haven't... Keith has played in a golf tournament today far away in Manhattan, and even now is on his way home.  He had a great round, (he called to tell me) so I am going to fix him a good salad so he can sit down and rest when he gets here. 
That's THEIR couch, by the way! They just let us sit on it sometimes.


  1. Love the "dog couch."
    Sounds like things are moving right along.
    The Llamas look great but it does look like a process.

    Take Care and get some rest.


  2. Those are some cute girls! I just luv how they all have different expressions on their faces.


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