Monday, June 13, 2011


I did not get chosen for the jury today, and was glad.  I have been on two criminal juries in the past, and one was a very sad case.  This was shaping up to be, too.  I was glad when we were released to leave. 

I worked on the new mirror bed to my perennial bed after doing chores tonight.  I managed to get two loads of cleanings from the llama yard over to it, and dump three bags of dirt.  That was about it for my back, so Keith is out there, God Bless Him! in the dark, dumping the dirt for me.  I bought some plants at a temporary lot that was closing out, a large nursery opens them all over the metro area in the spring.  I bought some yarrow, some kniphofia, (red hot pokers) and some lamium.  I have the white lilac starts from neighbor Kathy, and twenty or so huge tulips she gave me over the weekend.  I am going to get all this in tomorrow night after work.

Here is the garden tonight:

As you can see, daylilies are starting to bloom, and hollyhocks, too.  I have hyacinth beans coming up, but for some reason, the little cypress vine that went so crazy last year is struggling this year.  I have replanted once, and still not going well.  I had no luck with the thunbergia alata, so replanted in it's place (and now can't remember what I planted there!)  My balsam is coming up already, to fill an empty spot. 
I bought some dahlias, and two different kinds of glads at WalMart over the weekend on sale, and even though it's late, I'm going to put them in and see how they do.

This one in the middle was swimming in her swimming pool again!

Lothario (Rambo) is still trying to entice Butch's girls.  I feel sorry for him, actually... he has worked so hard at getting them OUT, and keeping his own four big hens with him, that his voice is hoarse.  His regular cockadoodledo has gone south, and I actually thought I had a new rooster somewhere this morning.  He is exhibiting no other sign, so I am sure he is not sick, just thwarted!


  1. Your garden is looking great, Mary Ann... are you having to water or are you getting enough rain? It has been so very dry here. Gardens are drying up everywhere.
    Poor Rambo~ he needs a Ricola! *giggle*

  2. So he has crowed himself hoarse...

    I'm not familiar with some of those plants you named.

    Since my decision to retake the yard, I'm only planting drought tolerant tough plants.

  3. Beautiful gardens! I've always loved hollyhock, but have not had much luck growing it. Hard to believe, I know :)
    Cute antics from your rooster. Gotta give him an 'A', for effort!

  4. Rambo probably confused the hens too. I love your flowers and always enjoy pics of the llamas. Love, Mary G.


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