Thursday, August 20, 2015


Two days of beautiful birds! 

The dogs and I got to the old house this morning and set about doing chores... 
as we do every day. 

We have had VERY low temps the last two mornings, down in the fifties! 

I set about doing the chicken chores, because Troy was kind enough to
put the hens to bed while we went to the ballgame last night.  So, I 
filled water pans and got the feed out. 

It did not look like the raccoons had been there. 

I turned the hens loose. 

Then, Jester and I started for the garden to check on the tomatoes. 

I don't know what made me look up, but I gasped and ran back to the car to get the camera. 

This is what I saw. 

He is sitting on the feeder pole where the suet is hanging.  That plant 
hanger held a nyger seed feeder in the old days. 

That's a Cooper's Hawk! 

I did not try to get too near, but he let me 
take many photos. 

From all sides. 

And the back. 

They don't call them "hawk eyes" for 'nothin'! 

So guess what?  

He wasn't the only hawk I saw on the way... this 
red tailed was in a tree on the side of the road, and let me take 
it's picture several times.  I left it sitting there. 

Tonight, we saw this: 

It's an adult red-tail on a power pole, taken from a great distance.  Yes, I'm constantly scanning. 

I suspect the one above is a juvenile from his tail. 

What a hawking day! 


  1. It's 57 here this morning and I'm fully enjoying it. I've heard the term hawk eyes and it now has a greater meaning. Hope your Friday is a fantastic one !

  2. Too cool Mary Ann. We never see them light on our property. They are always way up and too far for my camera.

  3. The Hawks are so pretty. We have a lot of red tailed Hawks around here
    Lily & Edward

  4. Great photos. What an amazing capture. They are stunning birds.


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