Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Always Playing Catch-up

It seems lately that I'm always playing catch-up with 
the blog. 

My brother, my only immediate family member left, has been 
in the hospital clear across town since Saturday, 
in a health crisis.  We think he will be transported 
back to his nursing home today, but I ask for prayers for him. 

This is a common roadside appearance in Leavenworth County these days, as haying is in full force everywhere I go. 

The crows, vultures and smaller birds are all glad to see the long grass come up and 
reveal the little animals it had been hiding.  Swallows were darting back and forth as I took this, you can just see one flying by the bale, next to the vulture. 

I find it very interesting that the person who cut this field, left this stand up by the 
telephone and light poles. 

Oh, it's more of Kansas' roadside vegetation.  

This boy cast off just as I pulled up last night. 

A beauty! 

I have found two doves dead in the last day here at the new house... 
one dessicated in the side yard... and the other, freshly dead on the 
ground near the back porch.  I don't think that was a window strike, as we have 
put paper up on the windows... and the body was in the yard.  Either it struck the 
porch side, or Lilly got it. 

After doing some weed-eating this morning, I walked the dogs over to Troy's pond. 
Lilly now dips her head in... though she does not swim, she runs in until she is covered as you see here, and walks around. 

I love watching her reflection as she walks around the pond. 

It was very humid out, and Jester lay there with his legs in the pond as Lilly went around the pond.  He would never have done this two months ago, he was afraid of it.  He still won't go in very far, but he is much more comfortable.  You see how much the water has gone down now that the heavy rains have stopped. 

Love this girl! 


  1. Such wonderful captures! Your Lilly is like my Lizzy but the hotter it gets, the closer Lizzy comes to getting wet.

  2. I will definitely be keeping your brother in my prayers. Hope he is out of the hospital and doing better soon. I love the refection in the pond picture. I could just imaging cooling off in the water.

  3. Can't say for sure, bit that left over weed sure looks like Mary Jane.

  4. WE have nevers been near the water. Thinking of your and your brother.
    stella rose

  5. Mary Ann,

    Sending prayers and hugs for your brother, and you.

  6. Sending prayers and healing energy to your Brother!

    Great pictures! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Sorry to hear about your brother. You know you have my prayers.

    Lily Ann and Jester are both beautiful dogs. I love seeing them.

    Hay baling is in full force here too.


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