Monday, August 10, 2015

This is War

This was Goldie, my beautiful Brahma hen. 

She was one of the pair I was bringing to the new house to live with us in the yard. 
We even bought them a little coop at Orscheln's Farm and Home a week ago. 

Sorry to hit you with that as the first picture of the post, but I should have 
known better. 

You see, I saw them. 

It couldn't be just one. 

I knew they had been in the hen house, too, because I found all the feed gone one night, and 
the waterer dirty. 

Everyone was present and accounted for that morning. 

It was so hot, I left the popholes open, but no more. 
Even with the fan on, they are going to have to bear the heat. 

Talk about barring the barn door after the cows got out. 

(They couldn't get in, but the ramp dropped) 

Each pophole still hooks shut on one side, but 
raccoons are dexterous. 

I dumped both of the water containers, and 
also, I took the feed bowls inside so that 
they couldn't get any.  I did worry about them 
going through the screen door, but they did not. 

I even considered moving everyone over to the new hen house, but this yard 
is just so much better. 

Like I said, closing the barn door too late. 

Someone said to me 

"Why do you feed the wild birds, you draw every thing in"... 
well, the fact of the matter is I have NOT been feeding the wild birds at the old house for months. 
Yes, they come down and eat the chicken's feed... but I can't help that, and have never been able to help it.  I do put suet out for them, but it is 150 feet away from this chicken yard, where 
I used to hang it on the pole in the garden. 

I never, ever left the pophole open in this chicken house at night, 
unless it was 100 degrees still in the evening (heat index) so
very, very few times.  

Recently though, I would leave it open so the chickens could put themselves to bed at night, since I did not go out late in the evening.   Now I am having to go at 7, and chasing the birds inside so I can lock them up. 

It's a quandary. 

Here are the two brahmas on a happier day.  Goldie was a beautiful golden-penciled Brahma. 

I will bring another hen over here with Silver when she comes...but we 
need to build a small yard for her, as this coop is way too small to keep two 
hens in.  It will be okay for them to sleep and lay in. 

I will try to get back to more regular posting this week... 
I'm sorry to have been gone so much.  I need to catch up on everyone's blogs, too, I hate being behind! 


  1. so sorry to hear this. i think it would be better to die from heat than to be ripped apart. i think it is a good choice to keep the doors closed.

  2. The wild birds and ground squirrels eat the chicken feed in the hen house here as well. We raised up the feeder which seems to have helped keep the squirrels out of the feed but there isn't anything to be done about the wild birds. We've left the henhouse door open at night once or twice (on accident) and thankfully have not lost any hens as a result.

  3. Hopefully you'll soon be able to have your chicks at home where you can care for them. That frequent run to the old place has to be tiring.

  4. We were so surprised by the number of coons and possums that we've caught since we started our predator relocation program.

    Our hens won't roost in their coop any more. The ding bats all do something different. So we go pick all 3 of them up and lock them up every night now.

  5. I am sorry about your chicken. It will be better when you take them to their new home won't it.....stella rose

  6. I'm sorry; it is hard to balance everything, and sometimes bad stuff happens even when we DO everything "right." Be easy on yourself, friend.

  7. Upsetting for you for sure. Hope it's some tiny comfort knowing that we listen, learn and benefit from all the experiences you share.

  8. Oh, that is so sad.
    I am so sorry that happened to your little chicken.

  9. Mary Ann,, its just too sad,,,, too sad..
    We are so sorry


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