Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Baby Blue Jay

I sat on the porch one morning last week and noticed two jays at the suet. 

I finally figured out... it was a parent feeding an almost grown baby! 

Baby had trouble holding on. 

But mom (or dad) was very patient with him. 

Lil and I went to the "farm" this morning, but without Jester, who was a little under the weather. When it came time to go, he snuggled into Keith a little bit further. 

Guess what we saw? 

Uh oh. 

That's one of the two very late Hereford calves I showed you the other day. 


I called the sheriff.... I did not want him out in the middle of the road, getting killed or someone getting killed.  

I would have helped him in but.... 

Don't look now... Dad has joined the herd. 

Uh, I'm not going to argue with him. 

Several people passed by, and then one very nice young man stopped.  He was going to help, when a lady stopped and said she knew who owned them, and she would go tell him. 

This gentleman came down, had us crowd the calf... and through the fence he went back to mama. 

And all was well that ended well, as you see by the picture I took this afternoon as we went by. 

No, this isn't some crazy tree face. 

It's our new Wildgame camera. 

Every night, something has been getting into the chicken feed... and this morning 
when Lilly and I got there, there was no feed in either bowl outside, and the 
inside bowl was completely empty for the first time.  I should tell you that when we lived at the old house, I went out about 8:30 every night, counted heads, and closed the chicken house pophole doors. 

Now, I leave both open, as I don't go out at dark. 

Whatever ate everything last night did not kill any chickens. 

I decided I needed to see what we're dealing with, so I know what to do. 

I think the wild birds have been busy during the day, too... as evidenced by the spilled pellets everywhere.  But... we'll see.  We're all fixed up for tonight, and this new, improved camera will work for a long time on four batteries, instead of the eight the older camera used to use. 

I can't wait to see what is visiting us. 

So far, everyone is still present and accounted for! 


  1. It will be interesting to see what turns up on your camera there. Hope all the chicks keep safe there.

  2. I imagine lots of animals faces will show up on that camera!

  3. I saw something dart through the barn last night as I was finishing up a late check, so shut the hen's door. I'd been leaving it open as they love to get out really early (up with the chickens ;-) and with Hank on guard. He might not notice something stealth sneaking in though...

  4. Our old wildlife camera started speaking Japanese and Greek all mixed together. But, I hated the 6 D cell batteries it used.
    Glad ya'll got the calf back to momma.

  5. Oh, for cute! Love those blue jays!
    Glad that the calf got back to where it belongs... without it or someone getting hurt.
    Curious what you see when you check the game cam...


  6. Thanks for helping. That would have not ended well if left loose.

  7. Can't wait to see the camera finds. What a cute baby
    Lily & Edward

  8. Mary Ann is on the case watch out!

    M: )


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