Sunday, August 30, 2015

Taken Over the Past Week

On the morning of my birthday, I saw two turkeys walking through a yard along my way. 

It was a beautiful morning, and they were not worried that I got out of the car to take their pictures. 

They were beauties. 

I love when I have time to take pictures and the animals are not panicking. 

Lilly had a good roll in the grass the next day... God bless Troy, who has been cutting every week. 

Thursday, I ran into the road crew several times.  

And our heron friend. 

Believe me, this woodpecker let the sparrows know it was HIS suet! 

Friday I was at the Ag Hall.... and took some lovely pictures in the garden. 

I have never grown dahlias, but these are convincing me. 

Moth sex on the coreopsis.  I kid you not. 

The echinacea plants were alive with goldfinches, male and female!

The females are harder to see.  There were actually six males at one time. 

(the female is directly in the middle) 

I have been trying for days to get this juvenile hawk. 

He is always too far away. 

Saturday, I saw this scene on the way home from the farm. 

I am not seeing as many in the air... but....

This was the scene on my way home from church this morning. 

I count ten. 

It was very foggy this morning, but by this afternoon, it all burned off 
and our temperate temps of the last week were warming up. 

And I was rewarded on the way after church by sight of the juvenile red-tail that I showed you on the hangar building above,

Here is our sweet boy running to go home, to end the week. 

Go, Jester, Go!!!


  1. You are a wonderful photographer Mary Ann,,,,, You caught so much beauty to show us!
    The bumble bee was amazing!
    All the photos are amazing!

  2. I love your week in pictures. Nice to way to remember Summers End. Hope your Monday is a good one!

  3. Oh Jester! You go kid!! Those turkeys are huge
    Lily & Edward

  4. super pictures Mary Ann. I don't think I've ever seen a gold finch here in MS

  5. We loved all your pictures but that one of Jax just stole our hearts!!! Our mom planted dahlias but they needed to be watered regularly and they burnt moms garden all the plants haf to take care of themselves..............stellie rose

  6. A Happy Belated Birthday wish to you, Mary Ann!

    Excellent pictures but the one you caught of Jester full on is terrific!

  7. Amazing pictures. You are very blessed.


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