Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Revealing Our New Deck

This is not my usual nature blog today. 

Last week, we made a huge improvement to our house. 

It was finished today. 

This was what was here when we moved in.  It is the original builder's grade deck, 
and was similar to every other existing old deck in this subdivision. 

As you see, Keith removed a section last October in order to build new stairs, as the 
stairs were crooked and slanting, scary to walk down.  
The gap was never filled, and I was always scared on the deck.  The rail 
closest to you was also loose, and you could not lean on it. 

The one good thing was that Lil loved to lay under it. 

Several months ago, we saw a deck being built behind us, one door down.  Keith 
went over to talk to the men building it, and getting their information, and 
that night at the T Bones, the owner of the company sat in front of us two rows down! 


We had him come and give us a bid. 

So, two weeks ago Thursday, Bob (l) and Jack (r) came and tore the old deck down. 

Bye Bye, old deck! 

The following Monday, they got started.  (Notice they also removed the old swingset that used to sit in the outer yard directly behind where they are.  It was hard to cut around and the little grands did not use it) 

The dogs pined to go out onto the deck. 

But little by little, it was taking shape.  Keith was in awe of Jack, who was 
able to cut with a skil saw and not have to use a mitre box or chop saw. 

The railing began to go up... 

And the steps, I call them the "throne stairs". 

And yesterday, the stairs were finished and the lath went up around the bottom.  There is a 
door for Lilly to go under where the old stairs used to come down. 

And here is the finished product!  

Jack (l) and Bob (r) and proud of it, and believe me, they earned their 
kudos!  It's a work of art.  Thanks so much, guys! 

We highly recommend Sands Construction Company of 
Leavenworth, and we have some more projects for them next year. 

Today, Jack and Bob came back and cleaned up the leftovers, and then sprayed the 
deck with protectant.  It's drying as I type this, and I'll show you the 
finished product tomorrow. 

It was a wonderful birthday present, and we have some new furniture to put 
on it as soon as it is dry, courtesy of Walmart end of season sales. 

So... here's a picture of me, Jester and Lil, 
on the evening of my 65th birthday (today)... 
I so rarely post pictures of myself, but I did 
post this today. 

(when will my glasses EVER be straight?) 

( Likewise something else!)


  1. It's a lovely outdoor room, and I bet you will get your money's worth out of it! So nice of you to make sure Lil still has access to a shady den.

  2. that is so beautiful! I love how the stairs don't just go the direction some might put them, they are at an angle. It really sets it off and makes it look awesome.

    And happy birthday!!!

  3. That deck is gorgeous!! You will get a lot of enjoyment out of it for sure -- and I'm glad Lil can still go underneath.

  4. Really is a nice looking deck; and a terrific pic of you & your besties!

  5. I agree, that is a fabulous deck! I love the steps, they look so nice and wide. Lucky you :)

  6. wow...what a deck!!! such a great addition! the steps are going to be wonderful for kids to get up and down too. as well as the pups! and a special door for lilly too. i need jack and bob real bad. my painters cut my cable line yesterday....grrrrrr.

  7. That is a beautiful deck - happy belated birthday

  8. A wonderful b'day present for sure! Love it. They are excellent carpenters.

  9. Beautiful deck! A Happy Birthday indeed :-D.

  10. What a wonderful improvement to your new home. I'd say you got a great birthday gift ! Happy Birthday !

  11. We are on our way over right now to sit on your beautiful deck and mom would like a cup of coffee, and we would like a treat....happy happy birthday our dear friend.
    stella rose and momma

  12. Happy birthday and what a wonderful present! Lil will really appreciate her doggy door to her favorite nap spot :)

  13. That is beautiful Mary Ann. Are those metal bars in the railing? Love the look.

  14. Happy Birthday! I love your new deck. Well done to all involved.

  15. Oh boy, the new deck is beautiful. And a happy birthday to you
    Lily & Edward


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