Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Random Shots

"Yes, I'm doing fine up here on the wire."

"Let me just give myself a little scratch on the chin." 


Happy National Dog Day from Lilly Ann! 

I saw one of our friends on the way home tonight. 

Very studly. 

If you click on this and biggify it, you will see freckles on his front legs. 

Another view. 

Our friends stopped by again last night... guess what?  They don't eat ripe tomatoes. 

We are buried in them!  

(I see the time is STILL wrong on the camera) 

Here's our other Dog Day celebrant! 


  1. But chickens LOVE ripe tomatoes. ;-)

  2. Happy National Dog Day you to Jester and Lilly!

  3. lol....we bought 2 additional traps have not caught anything since...... if that's all that would have stopped the critters, I would have bought them sooner

  4. I'm sure it was a happy Dog Day for those two. They look like they are having fun !

  5. Happy Dog Day to both of yours!

    Fantastic shots.

  6. Happy Dog Day to your fur babies from Otis & Milo!

    I clicked on the picture. For some reason, since my son had to switch me from Safari to Firefox, I cannot bigify the screen anymore. Not sure why.


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