Friday, August 14, 2015

Finally Friday

There are some weeks around here that I feel like I have 
still worked a full week.  This was one of them. 

We had a good week with Jax and Paiton, but I am getting OLD when I can't cope with two little kids day after day.  They are live wires, and I have trouble keeping up with them! 

School starts for them on Monday. 

We have been going out very early to the old place, 
because I am locking up the chickens now. 

So, I get up early, let them out, and then am going out late, about 
7:40, to lock them up.  Usually they are on the roost when I get there, or
just about ready to go in.  When they see me with the net in my hand, 
in they go. 

I am seeing surprise lillies (lycoris squamigera) everywhere along the road. 

Not seeing many animals along the road because of this... 
this is not smoke, it's DUST.  UGH.  It's getting 
everywhere in the car, and I can't keep the car clean. 

Mr. Heron was fishing in the pond this morning, again

And the mockingbird visited at the Ag Hall this afternoon. 

There were also Monarch butterflies but every time I went out 
to get their pictures... they were flitting around. 

There WERE other butterflies working the flowers. 

The late summer flowers are gorgeous still. 


The gomphrena is almost hard to look at in the sun. 

I also saw one of the biggest worms I have ever seen!   I removed him to a garden area. 

I'm glad the weekend is here! 


  1. Beautiful pictures.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Lovely photos...I agree with you on taking care of grandchildren. I love having my grandchildren but after a day with them, I am exhausted.

  3. As much rain as you've had, I'm surprised you have that much dust! We were very dusty, but had a short shower this afternoon that at least rinsed off the leaves and freshened the air.

    Did you shave Lily's lower back legs? They look more bare than wet (which is what I'm guessing they were).

  4. From experience, I can imagine you are tired. Grandchildren are wonderful but they are full of energy. Often wish I could borrow just a bit from mine. The butterflies on the flowers make for some beautiful pictures. Hope you enjoy some quieter moments this weekend.

  5. I always say I want even half of the energy little kids have :)

    I love surprise lilies. I planted some in the yard at the grandparents' house. We always enjoyed finding them in bloom.

    Good grief--what is that dust from? You aren't that dry up there, are you?

  6. I really love the heron picture.

  7. great pictures Mary Ann. Oh, they would wear me out.

  8. I'm glad you are seeing monarchs there, we haven't found any here this year. Lovely photos!


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