Thursday, August 13, 2015

Big Bird

Jax and I were on the way to let the chickens out this morning (we left Paiton with Keith) when we saw something neat! 

It was a heron hunting in my favorite cow pond. 

Jax was not that impressed until ...

 the heron stood up! 

Then he was stunned at the bird's size, he had never seen one. 

He helped me by picking some of the apples from the red apple tree. 
Because I did not spray either organically or chemically, the apples are all bad. 
Onto the compost heap they are going. 

The grass was sodden, and our feet and shoes got soaked. 

Beautiful, but SO WET. 

See that tree in the very middle of the picture? 

Look at it tonight!  For goodness sakes, are the things we are hearing about 
a terrible winter true?  How can this tree be almost turned red on August 13? 

Lil goes down in the overgrown pasture... and comes back up soaked. 

Our little friends came again last night. 

I noticed tonight that four of the red hens have a LOT of bare skin showing, and one has a tail that actually looks sore.  I'm going to try to catch her tomorrow night and look at her closely. 

I can't imagine the raccoons are coming during the day, but I think they must have gone after the others the night they got Goldie. 

The heron didn't hang around on our way back, but took off, and yes, Jax was impressed with it's wingspan. 

Two nights ago, I saw a small flock of about 15 ducks in the air, headed south.  There are just so many signs this year. 

I have a good friend in Oregon... they are in the middle of terrible drought. 
There is no snow cap on Mount Hood now. 

Yesterday, her cistern was empty, the cistern fed by 
mountain springs. 

Her friend's down the hill was also empty, an elderly lady. 

They are going to have to buy water... it is scary and real 
and yes, they are very worried. 

Please say a prayer for rain for the Northwest! 


  1. Not having water is a great inconvenience. I remember hauling it as a kid.

  2. We saw 2 running across a yard the other day before evening when we drove out to the lake to turn a possum loose. Then yesterday as I was going to work, one ran across the road. It was daylight already. They are on the move. I think the change in MS weather has them realizing Fall is fast approaching.

    Happy weekend.

  3. I've heard many here saying there are lots of signs of a bad winter coming our way. All winters are bad to my way of thinking. There are some advantages though when you look on the bright side. Snow being just one of them. Snow adds the moisture we need. Sorry to hear of the draught your friends are having and will say a prayer they get needed rain soon. The heron is beautiful! A treat for the eyes for sure !

  4. Cool bird. That thing will poke your eye out
    Lily & Edward

  5. We are saying a prayer for her, we hope she gets lots of rain this weekend, that bird is so beautiful.....stella rose

  6. The Blue Heron is beautiful Mary Ann,,, We saw one flying around,, We hope it finds some water somewhere.
    Thank you for all the good wishes and prayers of hope for rain!



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