Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunday Night Mish Mash

Yesterday morning, I helped serve a luncheon after a funeral at church. 

This gorgeous moth was just outside the door of the church.  I wish I had 
seen it alive! 

It was huge! 

It is not a cecropia... does anyone know what it is? 

Here are part of the girls in the old henhouse tonight. 
It is hot in there, and I just hate having to shut them up tightly...
but... if I don't... tragedy will happen. 

They were all in and getting ready to roost when the dogs and 
I got there tonight...I had a partially eaten banana for them, 
and I have never, ever seen chickens eat a banana so fast! 

Yesterday, I saw something I had never seen before anywhere. 
At the Ag Hall, the Wyandotte County Master Gardeners take 
care of the gardens.  Here are blooms on a sweet potato vine!  I did 
not know they bloomed. 

I have a sweet potato which I planted here earlier this year, and 
it has formed a beautiful plant.  I can't wait to see if it blooms, too! 

This is not the only sweet potato vine blooming 

This is the display that greets folks who are going into Dillon's grocery in 
Leavenworth right now. 

31 days until fall!  It seems like the year has flown. 

The light is really changing. 

I left the Wildgame camera in the hen yard at the Ag Hall overnight, as we had 
someone try to break into the white house you see to the right last weekend. 
I'm going to camouflage it in the tree line shooting at the house. 
We also wanted to see if we could find out what got two hens two weeks ago, but  we
think it was raccoons.  (note feathers on ground)
There are four Plymouth Rocks in this pen (white). 

I spent some time this evening at the old house picking 
the red delicious apples off the apple tree.  All were 
damaged from bugs... though I brought home four of the 
least-damaged... to taste.  

These apples must be sprayed, either organically or non-organically, 
in order to have edible apples.  

Sometime this week, I'll pick the green apples. 

Now that Jacob is starting school, I will not have his strong 
arms to help me during the week.  Maybe... Saturdays... 

I'll miss the big lug, I've enjoyed working with him 
this summer. 

I could not tell if this was an injured bird or a young bird, and I realize now 
upon looking at the picture... it's a baby, see the fluff on it's shoulders? 

It sat there on the water bowl and let Jester and me get within a foot of it, then flew up to the 
porch railing, and then into the maple tree. 

I was glad to see it move, because it looks sick or asleep here.  

It looked a little better up on the rail. 

Someone (Michelle?) commented about Lilly's legs... yes, we 
had to take her to the vet on Thursday.  Once a year, we have 
to have her sedated and the mats shaved off... she will not let
us use a grooming brush on her, and never has.  She has to 
be muzzled and given a sedative.  The new vet 
associate at our "old" vet's... got very happy and enthusiastic 
with the clippers, as you see... I did not mean for her to 
be so closely shaved, and the techs told me they finally 
brought it to his attention. 

After choking on the gravel dust for the last two weeks, 
the weatherman is just now telling us we are to have showers and cooler, 
dryer air this week!  Hallelujah! 

Have a good start to your week! 


  1. we have rain in the forecast, but it is isolated showers and scattered storms. we need a good ol rainy day with drizzle all day long.

  2. A very happy and cooler week to you.

  3. It seems like not too terribly long ago, we had too much rain, now like you we need some to clear the air too. Hope you have a wonderful week too !

  4. Would be nice to have some screened windows up high for the hens to help dissipate the heat.

    I've never seen a sweet potato vine bloom, either. We're supposed to have rain tomorrow and cooler temperatures--yeah!

  5. That moth is ginormous
    Lily & Edward

  6. Hello Mary Ann! Is that beautiful banner your photograph? Lovely!

    Our girls love bananas too! I always feel guilty eating one of their bananas.

    I think our dachshunds need a little clipping too, I hate to clip any of their fluffy black skirts but they hate holding still long enough for me to comb it every night before bed.

  7. We put bananas out for anything to eat them, that wants them
    That moth is big as a bat

  8. Your are always so busy and I love that you take your camera and us along on your day. I hope you did get showers. We have had rain for two days now and the cooler temps have sent all of the animals into a feeding frenzy! Too bad apples are such a favorite of worms!


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