Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Lucking on Some Good Photos

Despite choking dust these last few days, I managed to get 
a few good photos. 

This has been such a banner year for bunnies, and I am still seeing lots. 

I still take such pleasure from sitting on the deck and watching the wild birds at the old house. 

There was a Fed Ex truck in that cloud.  

In the last week, I realized I am seeing fewer and fewer of my friends the Turkey vultures. 

They do not stay here during the winter. 

Then, last night, I was maybe a half-mile from home with the dogs, and on a busy street which, for once, was empty of traffic... I was able to stop and take a picture of a lone vulture sitting in a tree by the road. 

Today dawned cloudy, and ended up storming. 

I saw some beautiful things on the way to the old house, though. 

The rain settled the gravel dust for a while.  I drive by this field daily, and they just cut the hay in it a few days ago.  Do you see the landing strip?  It was hidden by the hay.  Notice it is trimmed down nicely, and has landing lights.  I have never seen a plane land or take off on it. 

Mr. Bluebird was back. 

And Miss Woodpecker. 

Lilly was surveying her domain after the rains. 

On the way to the old house, I saw something in a field.  I stopped the car and backed up. 

Look whom was watching me! 

On the way back, I saw a bird sitting on a hay bale next to the 
landing strip, and I knew it wasn't a crow. 

It was a juvenile red tail! 

I just barely got a couple of pictures of him as I stopped the car... and

then my eye caught something on the ground. 

I missed the huge leaps and bounds, doggone it. 

She stopped to look at me. 

I saw our friend in the pond on the way home, too. 

It was a good two days for photos! 


  1. You really did get a whole bunch of wonderful photos!! Your camera has a quick eye!

  2. I wondered where my three turkey vultures disappeared to! Thanks for another enter-cational post!!

  3. great photos! i love the one of lilly.

  4. You did have a good day for sure. I love how you keep your eyes out for a good picture!

  5. You saw all kinds of nature!!!! You have a great eye.
    stella rose

  6. great captures, you got a lot of wonderful wildlife pics. Lily is beautiful

  7. So pretty. Mom would be out there all the time looking for birds and wildlife
    Lily & Edward

  8. Mary Ann,

    I love all your pictures, so much beautiful wildlife out where you used to live.

  9. Nice pictures!
    Love those turkey vultures!


  10. Really good snapshots of so many of the wildlife, and great of Lilly too, and I know she's almost human, not wild!

  11. Super pics!
    Glad for the rain, plants needed the moisture.

    M :)

  12. Wonderful photos. So glad I came across your blog this morning. I'm going to enjoy following you all the way from our Aussie farm.


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