Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Short, Late Post

A short post tonight, as we had a Kansas City T Bones game, 
and it was a double-header.  Keith had to come 
home and dialyze, and by the time they started game two, 
I was so tired I couldn't quit yawning.  

So.. home to hit the hay, with a short post. 

This, my friends, is something I am SO excited about! 

I could not believe my eyes when I saw blue go past me this morning in our old yard. 

This beautiful blue bird is an indigo bunting, and I have NEVER SEEN A LIVE ONE!!!! 

To have it fly through the yard and pause long enough to get it's picture... my gosh! 

It must have been the day for blue... and 

I just noticed the raccoons have got that wire almost unwound! 

Ooops, there were some black birds in there, too.  

But gosh, an indigo bunting.  

I'm a pretty happy camper tonight! 


  1. Oh, you lucky dog! I have never seen one in person, either!

  2. Mary Ann,

    Blue bunting, how wonderful!!!! Beautiful pictures :-)

  3. Wow, I've never seen one either. That shade of blue is outstanding.

  4. They are such a beautiful blue.

  5. We haven't had one in a few years, and we keep a smorgasbord out all the time. I'm missing ours even more now after seeing this beautiful one!

  6. ohhh pretty,, pretty blue birds!


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