Friday, December 12, 2014

The Next Day

I have to admit I was pooped after my adventure yesterday afternoon. 

I did take the dogs out to run today, and took a picture as I went by 
the barn from where the fillies escaped: 

This is the arena portion of the building, and the 
stall portion is attached to the front.  See the horses just in the picture? 
They are in about a four acre pasture, all fenced... and it was they who were
watching the two escapees yesterday that convinced me to go back. 

Today, the sliding door at the front of the stall barn was CLOSED for the first time, so I 
believe Mr. Summers was able to get his fillies home. 

All was well that ended well. 

I have gotten to know the territories.  Sometimes I am not able to stop on the particular street or road and 
get a good picture. 

See the eye? 

There's the whole kitty... It's Black Kitty... Kathy's cat. 

And here's the proof that the heated water is heating... but I wonder what triggered the camera to go off at 6 AM yesterday morning?  There is no animal in the picture. 


Is that steam... or a spectre of something? 

When I see a lone calf laying in a pasture... I worry.  I worry there's something wrong with that calf. 

When I went back by, he was up.  Today he was down again, alone. 

If you look closely in the first picture of the calf laying... you'll see this guy in the tree line behind him. 

And there he goes! 

I took those four pictures with the little camera, to boot! 

This caught my eye the other day. 

Who lived here? 

The outhouse is still there, caving in, down behind the house. 

This kind of thing hurts me. 

And yet many can still be saved. 

In the comments last night, Ruthlynn 
of Ruthlynn's World made a great comment, and I'm going to 
copy and paste it here: 

  1. A tip we learned for fresh young new horses is sweat bread. The owner of the horses puts a slice of bread under his /her arm pits while doing chores 2 horse 2 slices. Get the sweat on the bread slices. Put them in the grain bucket on top the grain. Tie the buckets with the bread where you want the horses to eat. They eat the bread and get your scent. They equate your scent with food. Never had a problem after that. Our mares and donkey come up to us.We only do this 1 time and it worked. The local German friends gave us this tip. Good Luck.
This is SO INTERESTING TO ME... and I would love to try it! 

This is why I still love blogging... because of people like you who bring all these 
ideas into my life... I appreciate your friendship so much! 

This weekend we are celebrating Christmas with Keith's family, and his folks are staying here tonight and tomorrow night... so I may not be able to post... but I'll be thinking of all of you !


  1. And I appreciate YOUR friendship. :-)

  2. It is true, we do learn so much from other bloggers. I've learned so much from those around the country and abroad too. I hope you have a wonderful family gathering. Tis the Season !!!


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