Monday, December 1, 2014

Bird Pictures and More

I'm going to start a post about birds with pictures (more pictures) of 
the road crews here. 

I went to church this morning, and when I got out, I stopped at the old place
to check on the water for the wildings. 

I found the road crew working on our road. 

I was headed for the feed store, so went south.  Can you see the ridge in the road?  I'm sure it is all tamped down by now, because the grader made another pass. 

Anyway, our road is all smooth again, and free of potholes! 

By the way... these catalogs have already come.  I remember when the arrival of a seed catalog as 
early as Christmas eve was a HUGE thing.  Now... Pinetree came about the 27th of November. 

Park Seed is an old favorite, of course. 

After church this morning (and my truly peaceful hour of adoration)... I stopped at the old place and then went to the feed store in Bonner.  Valley Feeds is where we bought 
the majority of our feed at both the first Calamity, and the second Calamity Acres. 

I loaded up on Back Yard Blend for the month, but I also got a couple of bags of scratch, 
to take to a friend's house. 

I was able to take pictures there, even though we were freezing out in the cold air. 

I really enjoyed taking pictures of her birds. 

This young gentleman took advantage of the warm back of the car.  

On the way home, I stopped to take a few pictures of my favorite pond. 

Not a bird. 

Also not a bird. 

I have been trying to read this sign for weeks, I had to use the telephoto lens to do it. 
HummV Farm.  Funny. 

Even though it was 23 degrees out, Diane's hoses were running... and the ducks were loving it. 

On a sadder note, I stopped at the grocery store in Tonganoxie this morning after church, 
and, while standing in line, the young man in front of me turned around and said 
Wait, I know you! 

It was the young man who had taken a good part of our flock in the spring. 
I asked him how his chickens were doing, and he hung his head. 
He told me that his kids had failed to shut the coop door one night, and raccoons had gotten in 
and killed all of the birds but three. 

Yes, it hurt. 

He told me he had had to put Buffy, our Polish girl, in a separate pen because she could not see, and could not get used to the new pen when he moved her. She had spent just about all of her life from a chick at our place. 

He put Speedy in with her. 

I did not get straight if these two were killed, as well, since they were in a separate pen. 

They're still alive in my heart... crazy, but true. 

Tonight I am under the weather, with a raw throat... and 
dreading a doctor's appointment tomorrow.  If I still don't feel well 
in the morning, I'll have to reschedule. 

It was really cold today, but looks like we'll be in 
the forties the rest of the week... Hallelujah! 


  1. Beautiful, beautiful photos!! You are an excellent bird photographer!
    Is that pond near your new house?
    Hope you feel better

  2. I can relate to you about your poultry. I raise ducklings and gave several clutches of ducklings away. Two of the flocks given to two different farms all perished by predator or lack of locking them up at night. But one flock of all female ducklings survived and thrived a year later. The owners are happy with their eggs and the ducks "dog like" behaviors. The ducks cleaned their ponds out of weeds.They had never raised free range poultry before and after several lessons from us, a feed starter kit from us to them, the kids were on their way to happy duck raising. I got to see these ducklings thriving in their new home. Sometimes, there are happy endings with farm animals.

  3. that is so sad about the chickens. i hope you don't get sick! beautiful photos!

  4. Hope you are feeling better. Stay in and keep warm !

  5. Great bird pictures!
    Sorry about the old chickens... that is sad.

    Hope that you feel better today, and enjoy the little warmer weather.


  6. Aw, sorry to hear about your birds. That's sad.

    Hope you are feeling much better.

    Enjoyed the pics of the critters.

  7. That is quite a collection of birds at your friend's house--I bet no one arrives unannounced ;-)

    How sad most of your chickens are gone and what a heartbreaking lesson for the children.

  8. Your pictures are so good. We are sorry to hear about your is a hard hard lesson for children to learn, I know it hurt your heart.
    stella rose and momma

  9. We love watching birdies. Their colors are so beautiful
    Lily & Edward


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