Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Little More Christmas

I had to laugh at this: 

This may look like everyone is watching Baby Jesus.  If you notice, though, there 
are three little deer in the middle. 

Baby Jesus was way over on the side, with a little black lab watching him... and a part of the stable laying near him. 

Everyone surrounded Him in the entrance way nativity scene. 

Jester is always with me, and wondered why I was laughing. 
I'll fix the big Nativity tomorrow so Baby Jesus has a chance to 
lay in the manger a few nights. 

I took some things from my friend Valerie's house to the transfer station today (dump) and 
found this on top of the "office" for the two guys who do the dumping and gathering. 

Here was their other decoration.  Even the dump workers have the Christmas spirit. 

I unplugged the new water fountain when I got to the old place today... it has to be filled daily, and I don't think we are going to make it out there tomorrow.  I did fill it full... but did not leave the heater on.  It is supposed to rain tomorrow, and be 40 degrees, so the birds will be fine. 

The dogs were so glad to get out for a while. 

We had a clear night... I could see the beautiful stars for once... and 
then about 2 hours of sunlight this morning...

and then gloom again.  
So tired of it! 

I saw this blue jay at the old house, but not the hundreds of birds that used to hang around there. 

Here IS a hawk... I have come to learn where they are likely to be "hiding" now... 

I was quite a way from him... and was only able to get him as he took off, 
by craning myself in the front seat of the car. 

He looked like a Coopers... but he was pretty far away. 

I can't get the color any better with the weather like it is. 

The horse herd I keep showing you was taking a siesta when we went by.  They are actually looking pretty decent. 

This guy was closer to home... and I was only able to pause for a minute.  I'm going to be so glad to 
have some sun again... but... we are now expecting rain for the next two days. 

I have been looking at so much Christmas on Pinterest that I am almost Christmas'd out... so next year, I won't do that so much.  

We're on the downhill run! 


  1. Its very interesting to see how the manger scene gets moved around,,,, times when I was small I would have been moving everyone around too,, yes,, very funny.
    We have clouds and rain,,, and fog,,, but we Oregonains have web feet. White porches are turning green,, moss colored.. Moss grows on everything..
    When the sun comes out- its like a gift..
    Nice herd of horses. Nice photos..
    After all the holidays all will be quiet...
    We don't do pintrest or whatever it is,,,

  2. We've had gloom and rain here too...I'm soooo ready for sunshine again! Have a Merry Christmas!

  3. I love your nativity and don't ever think we can get too much Christmas. I'm hoping you and yours have a Merry Christmas !

  4. I hope you and Keith have a relaxing Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  5. We had very bad weather here in Mississippi yesterday. I believe 4 people died. Awful any time of year, but how sad to be now at XMAS.

    Take care, have a Merry Christmas.

  6. It must be a week for seeing birds of prey. :) My son and I saw a bald eagle on our hike sunday. We took pictures, but he was so far away when he landed, all you can see is a really big black dot on a tree. Not nearly as impressive as the huge animal swooping above us. So majestic!


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