Monday, December 29, 2014

The Last Sunny Day

"Just start that car and drive on, Ma'am"

"Okay, that's it, I'm outa here" 

No hawks were harmed in the filming of this sequence (which is out of order, a

They usually move about 50 feet, to another high tree. 

Say goodbye to that sun, Lilly Ann. 

And you'd better hurry, because the cold air is descending on us, and there 
won't be any more runs in the pasture for a few days. 

You too, little Jester... run your heart out! 

Even the weeds looked beautiful in the sunlight. 

But before we left, the clouds began to gather, and the sunlight 
to dissipate.  It's going to be a cold week at Calamity Acres! 


  1. Brrr...I hope the cold isn't as severe as last year. Love those pictures of little Jester bouncing though the field ! He looks like he's having a blast.

  2. BrrrrChill, it's much colder here now, but the sun is up and shinning here this morning. Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!

  3. It is so cold and windy! We have a dusting of snow. I am so tired of waking up to sunshine that disappears shortly after I open the patio curtains :-(

  4. Love old like every buddy is enjoying the day
    Lily & Edward


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