Sunday, December 14, 2014

Apres Le Weekend

Oh, Man.  We're Tired. 

Just going to show you a few pictures. 

Keith's mom and dad stayed with us Friday and Saturday night. 
Keith's Mom made a new friend. 

Jester was enamored of her! 

Carson celebrated birthday number one! 

While Keith and his parents were at the birthday party, I readied our house for our Christmas party, and I had help decorating the cookies I had made. 

Then, in the evening... we partied. 

This nap came BEFORE the party. 
(after the birthday party) 

Then, cousins Jace and Brynn got here. 

And we had sandwiches and treats and then our gift exchange. 

Today, we celebrated sweet little Brynn's 2nd birthday.  Jace had to help her blow her candles out. 
Brynn and Carson are one year and two days apart. 

Her official birthday is tomorrow. 

You knew I had to sneak a hawk picture in...  Lilly and Jester and I went for a visit to the farm after we got home from the birthday party, even though I am WIPED OUT. 

We look for this guy every day now. 

He was WAYYYY up here. 

Yes, we had another in our line of gray days, and are expecting rain tomorrow. 

I'm ending this "family post" with a picture of Paiton, and an explanation. 

We have a nativity set that is near and dear to my heart, it belonged to my parents and is over 100 year old now. 

For the last four years at the old house, it was hiding in plain sight... we could not find it, and I was unable to put it out.  We had a backup... that's what the season is about... but when we moved we found the precious set.  I'll show it to you later this week, in fact. 

So... I looked up... and Paiton had moved the little winter scene set up alongside it on the sideboard... and moved all the trees and the figures there to the front of the stable... and all the figures, animals and men, were adoring the baby Jesus. 

I did the SAME THING as a child. 

I left it just like she arranged it... it's as precious to me as the set. 

Keith and I got through this first family weekend in pretty good shape... we have one more smaller party next weekend with my son and his family, so we are on the downhill slide to the Birthday. 

I hope you are all having a great holiday season! 


  1. Family gatherings are such fun. I'm looking forward to ours but it won't be until the Saturday after Christmas this year. I love your fireplace mantle. With birthdays and Christmas I'd say you are having double the fun there.

  2. Mrs. Yoder is a very sweet lady. Boy, you had a lot of good help with those cookies.
    I'm glad you found your nativity scene.

  3. Wow you had a very busy weekend, we could tell you all had a great time by looking at the pictures....we loved that last picture of your little girl with the naivety scene.
    stella rose

  4. You must be exhausted. Happy Birthday little one
    Lily & Edward

  5. Family is what it's all about.
    Good memories, new and old.. all precious.

    Sending Merry Christmas wishes, to you and yours.


  6. what a wonderful first holiday in your new house! can't wait to see the nativity!

  7. Thank you for sharing these special family moments with us,,,!! Wonderful memories,, and wonderful photos.


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