Monday, December 15, 2014

Five Minues of Sunshine

That's what we had, in between the drizzle today. The skies miraculously opened up to sun... and just as quickly went away before I could get a shot. 

That was the view out the back door about 10:30. 

But, as you can see... the rain has been steady. 

This morning was Advent adoration... and you see... we are getting ready for the blessed birth. 

However... as you can see... Baby Jesus is already in our home nativity... along with the labrador retriever, the deer... and to the side out of camera view... the Canadian geese. 

(and the pine trees!)

This is my family creche. 

This is how Paiton arranged it. 

As I went out the door to church this morning... I had to laugh.. because there is a 
smaller creche on the table just inside the door... and she arranged it, too! 

She's a girl after my own heart. 

You see the puddle in the drive at the old house... and there goes Jester, following Lilly. 

Yes, I know that door has to be rebuilt... we have so much yet to do. 

While he was running, Lilly was digging for moles. 

We didn't stay long... it was blowing, and the temps were dropping.  We went from 
54 to 41 in about an hour, and light drizzle was still falling. 

It was good to get home. 

Tomorrow, Keith has another medical procedure... but it will not take all day... and I hope to finish what little bit of shopping I still have left to do. 

There is a possibility of snow on Wednesday! 

Here's a little clip of Jester on the run...

While I am waiting during Keith's procedure tomorrow, I hope to get caught up on 
everyone's blogs.... at least, I'm going to try. 

I appreciate everyone who has left a comment during this busy season. 


  1. love,, love,, love the photos!

  2. It's always a joy to see those two running in the pasture. I have to get out shopping tomorrow. It'll be colder with possible snow. Today it is raining here. Not good weather either way for running around outside. We had sunshine yesterday on and off and I should have gotten out then. Instead I spent the day baking. Going to do more today too. Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!

  3. Man that little booger is fast.

    It was raining like that yesterday. Then it flooded at our house last night 2 different times. My co-worker barely got any rain he said.

  4. Some buddy is having fun out there. That sky looks more like snow than drizzle
    Lily & Edward

  5. I love seeing jester is so funny, those nativity scenes are beautiful....stella rose

  6. Best wishes for Keith.
    Nice that you had a bit of sun, if only for a minute.

    Merry Christmas!

  7. Love the nativity scenes!

    Jester just cracks me up!!

    M :)


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