Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Advice Needed!

What the heck is causing this? 

I have had it happen at least four days now. 

They look like negatives! 

And yet....

Many of the pictures turn out just as they are intended! 

Guess what?  Our girl was looking for mice in the burn pile still in the driveway... and guess what else?  She has two cockleburrs embedded in her now, one on her head and one on her chest. 
She has had a sedative and in ten minutes or so, I'm going to try to cut them out.  I'll probably have to have Keith hold her head. 

Note to self... burn this pile! 

This hawk... I had some pictures of him on the branch, that "negative" above is one 
of them... took off on me.  This was the only picture I got as he flew. 

Even though it's blurry, it's kind of neat. 

This was a different hawk on the way home, I saw probably six going to and coming from the farm. 

Tomorrow we are expecting snow... it is to start after midnight.  I'm glad, because 
I am going to stay in and read all of the blogs I need to catch up on! 

I have only one more gift to buy... gift certificates... and I have until 1 PM 
on Saturday to do it... so... I'm coasting! 

Remember the Reason for the Season! 


  1. We have a friend that a lot of her pictures are doing that..... its like 3 D...... and its a setting that is pushed I think. My friend does not know how to make hers stop doing it too,, but they are cool pctures anyway.

  2. I'm no help when it comes to cameras. Mine are the cheaper simple kind. Hope you do get it figured out soon. It'd be a shame to loose some of the wonderful shots you might get. Glad you are about done, so am I. Will finish up the wrapping today.

  3. Sorry, I have a dummy camera. You point and shoot. I do know how to change the knob to a couple of different modes and turn on macro mode. That's about it.

    Maybe you could go to their website and look it up.

  4. i have no idea why this is happening. that snow is going south of us and i am very disappointed.

  5. No help what so ever. Rest!!!!
    stella rose


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