Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Back to the Gray

That one day of sun raised my spirits by SO MUCH! 

Today, we are back to the gray, and some rain is in the forecast for the rest of the week. 

Yesterday, 52, today, 31. 
Ah, well. 

We ran out to the country but did not stay long.  The dogs barrelled out of the car and into the pasture. 

And I went up on the porch to get the game camera that I had left out there yesterday. 
This little guy got a good drink just before we got there. 

As had a bluebird, and a blue jay. 

Our neighbors, the Spehars, were working in the pasture.  The two remaining steers are now 
in their winter pasture, the Spehar's yard around their house, where they have a small shelter. 

Yes, I caught some hawks on the way home... and you can see how very grey it was outside. 

And I saw another on the way home... 

And this guy was closer to home... but I could only stop for a second. 

So gray... I hope we have some sun before Christmas! 

The flicker that Lilly got yesterday... 

was a yellow-shafted Northern flicker, there are yellow and red shafted. 

I had never noticed a yellow shafted flicker at our house before... I had 
only seen the red ones.  I wish Lilly had not gotten this one, but I learned 
that they do feed on the ground, looking for insects.  I'm guessing she 
snuck up on it. 

I love Lilly... but you know I love birds, too! 


  1. We have a lot of hawks around here also, in the country, not so close to town, and of course the Eagles right off the river, close to our home, most of them hang around the other villages thank goodness cos momma worries they will steal us away when we are outside....it is gray here also....mom has all her Christmas lights on in the house, we are pretending it is the sun...lol.....stella rose and momma

  2. Absolutely wonderful pictures.

  3. Wow-- your photos!! gorgeous!

  4. That first hawk-in-flight photo is just great!

  5. It was so grey here that by early afternoon it looked like evening. I felt like it was evening too. Sunshine is so very missed these days.

  6. What's up with all the gray stuff? I loved that bit of sunshine we saw yesterday! It really does make one feel better.
    Great shots of the hawk in flight! Sorry about the poor birdie.

  7. Some dogs love to hunt. I had a German Shepherd once that loved to kill the mice and rats in the garden. Of course, my cats have done in their share of birds.


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