Monday, December 8, 2014

After the Weekend

After five days of a bad cold, I'm ready for sun and feeling better!  Yes,
I forced myself over to Independence on Friday... to see my youngest son... 
and went with Keith to try to finish his shopping for what seemed like six hours on Saturday but was really only an hour and a half.... I had to stay in yesterday, miss church, and be sick on the couch 
all day, sleeping on and off.  It did the trick!  

I was able to go to adoration this morning, and get my own shopping finished... and then, after coming home at lunch (not brave enough to eat yet)... I took the dogs out for the first 
time in five days.

They know when I pick up the big camera that we are headed for the farm. 

Lil was out of the car and down in the pasture within seconds after getting there. 

Jester wasn't far behind her! 

It was 52 degrees, and I had just a sweatshirt on... it was glorious. 

This branch is a widow-maker... I'm hoping a wind comes up soon that brings it down... it's swaying in the wind.  It's in the old walnut tree, and we noticed it when Jester and I went into the shop for something. 

This is not a happy girl at this point... she is guarding something, and had already warned Jester once when we came up from the pasture.  She let me through the gate, but Jester wisely ran for the walk gate, to the right of this one. 

Jester and I settled down on the warm porch.  

Can you see what she's doing? 

See the ground in front of her? 

This is her serious look, by the way. 

These are branches from the huge maple tree by the porch.  See the buds???  

Pretty soon I heard honking in the distance, and ran out on the deck. 

I love them, I can't help it.  I know people call them "flying rats"... they are beautiful, and their 
honking calls to me. 

This is the equally beautiful flicker that somehow, Lilly got this morning. 
It's gorgeous. 

I loaded Jester first... and then loaded her. 

Then I took the flicker down to the pasture, so one of the wild things can find it. 

I know you can't tell from this picture, but these are bluebirds in the walnut tree. 
They were waiting for us to leave... their water was on the deck. 
I have the game camera set up, so that we can see who is drinking. 

We saw this guy on the way home, but stopping the car scared him.  I could not get a picture of him on the wing. 

Another mile away was another... but he would not hold still for a sec... 

And this guy was down the road from our house... but I was on a busy road and could not stop. 

Someone is going to be having surgery after the first of the year... guess what kind? 

Keith and I have both caught ourselves calling Jester "Oscar"... he has so many of the mannerisms of our beloved min-pin.  Jumping, excited... all the things we loved about Oscar. 

It's going to be colder but sunny tomorrow, so we'll have another adventure. 

Then, the rest of the week will be unseasonably warm. 

I'll try to get caught up on blog reading tonight, and as always, 
I am so thankful for your comments. 


  1. I knew you would feel so much better if you could grab the dogs, camera and head for the farm. I know you miss the good things about the farm, Mary Ann. I understand.
    stella rose

  2. those to sure enjoy going to the old place! glad you are feeling a bit better!

  3. So glad you're feeling better. Beautiful pics!

  4. The old farm has medicine in the land- that you need,,, I am glad you had such blue skys today and able to take the dogs.
    Beautiful photps !
    Oh Jester will not be happy - will he?

  5. Maybe Lil just found a flicker that had died of old age (we can hope). Oh yes, Jester/Oscar is going in to get tutored! ;-)

  6. How wonderful to get a nice warm sunny day and get out like that. If and when that happens here, I try to bask in the sun awhile on our patio, it is the sunny side of the house and always warmer than the front. That hasn't happened for a good long while here. I do miss it so. Glad you are feeling better.

  7. I'm glad you are feeling better. Stinks to have a cold and be sick for days.

    That was a pretty bird. I'm unfamiliar with Flickers.

    hehehee, I remember that Far Side comic too. One of my favorites about the tutoring.....

  8. So glad that you are feeling better.

    Beautiful pictures... love the geese!



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