Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Short Post for a Snowy Day

Consensus from Friend Jill (the Photographer) 
was that I had my camera turned to "Sepia" when I 
snapped some of the pictures I showed you yesterday!   Makes sense to me. 

I wish I had shot in Black and White today, it was that kind of 
day in Leavenworth County. 

The view going OUT the gate at the old house... yes, we went out today.  We went to 
get the game camera... and sadly, I dropped it on the porch, and it has broken. 
It would take duct tape to keep the batteries in now, as that is the door that 
broke.  I might try it, even though I have a backup camera.  I liked the Wildgame 
camera better than the Moultrie. 

Looks like a junco was on the porch this morning.  

The heated water fount has to be filled daily, or it goes dry, that's it's one drawback. 
The big fortex behind it was still drinkable. 

I pulled up in the driveway at the old house, and hurried to get the big camera out... gosh... here was the big hawk that used to sit there when the chickens were loose in the pasture. He was looking down at the Spehar's ponds. 

I took this with the little camera, he was about 800 feet away. 

I could not get the big camera to work... and finally figured out I had 
failed to put the SD card back in it... and just then, he flew over me.  DRAT! 

Here he is, a quarter of a mile away from me in the wild area that is for sale now.  He still had his back to me, looking the other direction.  This was a LONG way... he is a big hawk.  My guess is, he's a red-shouldered hawk. 

The trees in the first picture border the wild area... this is about 20 acres that has been wild and vacant since we bought our house.  It was going to be built on by a church, but has now been put up for sale. 
There is a communications tower on this property that will provide income to whomever buys it... but also make it harder to sell. 

Kathy and Troy's dog Harley came over to see his neighbors. 

They are also watching Kathy's daughter's Cairn terrier... who came over to see what was happening.  Jester is so desperate to play, you can see he was really excited. 

Once he is neutered in late January... he can go to the dog park and play all he wants. 

This is a creek we cross over on the way home... you can almost not see the water! 

You see we got a dusting of snow.  There were about 3 inches in some places, but 
it was easy to get around in.  Tomorrow, in fact, I'll try to go up and see
Pete early in the morning. 

I'm charging the camera batteries... and tomorrow, I drive to Lawrence in the afternoon to get 
Chris and Nathan, who will spend Friday and Saturday night with us.  Then, we'll rendezvous with 
their mom, Sherie, on Sunday, to get them back to Garnett.  

Keith has had to drive to Salina to a meeting today, and reported that the first 30 miles was hard going, but the rest, a dream.  He is on his way back carefully now... and will have a late dinner. 
I... am baking cookies! 

Can you see our bird from the header?  He was hiding in the branches of a tree instead of on his antenna!  I am good at spotting them now, though... and I love how they 
are hiding in plain sight! 


  1. Great pictures. I love the snowy reflections in the creek.

  2. i hope we get some snow soon! jester is so cute! he sure has lots of energy!

  3. You sure have made friends with your cameras!

  4. I've gotten pretty good with the camera just set on Auto. However it has other settings that I haven't had the courage to explore. Time to get brave--what do I have to lose!!

  5. Pictures this time of year do tend to look like we've taken black and white pictures. There is very little if any color outside. Glad you got the camera problem figured out. I particularly liked that shot of the creek. The water reflecting the bank does make it practically invisible. Hope you got your baking done and enjoy the time with family.

  6. Looks cold, dreary and wet. Try to stay warm and dry!

  7. You know what Mary Ann? You have a blog like no other. Your love of nature,,the land. and animals life is so evident in every photo that you take. Your photos speak a million words. No other words are needed.
    When you photograph, and share with us, we feel the love that you are feeling.
    Its not that you are only taking photos,, you are taking photos of what you love,, You are taking photos of what you feel, and you care enough to share with us,, so we can feel too,,,, and we do,,, We get it all Mary Ann,, thank you for allowing us to stop for a minute,, and see and feel and also "get it"


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