Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Bunch of Pictures

Another gray day in Leavenworth County... ugh... 
but I am NOT complaining... we just had on the news stories about the terrible, terrible weather on either coast, and my heart goes out to those folks who are going through that mess.  
I hope they are safe over the next few days. 

The dogs and I did not let the cold and grayness keep us from going out. 

This is on a barn about a mile from us... near the alpaca farm. 

All the alpacas were in their barns today, with the cold and drizzle. 

This guy flew over the pasture fast... and no, I don't think it's a hawk.  I think it was a 
black vulture.  He literally went so fast I could hardly get pictures of him, and I suspect he was watching Jester. 

This, on the other hand, IS a hawk, one I pictured a few days ago.  He does NOT like it when I stop the car to take his picture. 

See where I found him?  I have gotten really good at scanning trees and telephone poles.  
I didn't steady myself enough to get a good picture... and he was pretty far away. 
Then he took off, but circled back around. 

Look who is back in the pasture with the other mares.  
I just love her spots.  

They seem to have ample hay this year, unlike last winter, when I worried every time I went down that road. 

Can you BELIEVE THIS?????

I saved the best for last.  You know that Lilly completely ignores Jester... and 
he follows her around constantly... and goes where she has been, because if he gets too close, she goes after him.  So...

He uses the circling tactic 

As soon as she left the goat yard, he rushed in to see what she had been 

Then, he followed her down to the bottom of the pasture.... 

Where she actually had her face down in the opening under the fence into the wooded area on the Spehar's side. 

I'm always afraid she or he will try to tunnel under there, so I watch them closely when they go down there. 

How I've grown to love this dog! 

Tomorrow, I'll show you how we have decorated the house for our Christmas gathering with Keith's family on Saturday. 


  1. Wonderful time for you and the dogs!! We love all the photos.
    Jester sure can dance around!

  2. I just love how you love your animals. What a testament to showing love without condition.

  3. Your little dog is a joy and certainly persistent in his pursuit of Lilly. We are blessed here too. Gray dreary days but still no snow or bad roads to drive and drive on.

  4. I can see why you love him so much. He's loveable.


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