Tuesday, December 2, 2014

More of the Same

I am so spoiled now... on my way to Leavenworth this morning I lamented the fact 
that I did not have my BIG camera with me. 

See the tiny dots in the skies?  There were a lot of them, going back and forth.  I actually went by the 
pond upon which they landed... but I had someone close behind me at that point.  With the 
bigger camera (a Nikon) I could have proved they really were geese! 

Leavenworth is full of beautiful old homes, dating from the 1850s to the 1890s.  They are so gorgeous... and the annual homes tour is a week from Sunday.  Usually about ten homes are featured, and one of the old churches. 

I wish this house were on the tour. 

Here I am at the gate of the old house.  See the dust rolling in the air? 
I don't miss that.  It is about the only thing I DON'T MISS from the old house.  Ugh. 

Lilly, as always, couldn't wait to barrel out of the car and into the pasture.  She began rolling very near the place where all the cockleburs were growing, but I made her get up and run off.  You see, last night Keith and I had to sedate her and cut some out of hers that had gotten tightly caught. We don't want to go through that again for a while. 

As soon as I ran Lil off, Jax began to roll in the same spot.  He's a lot easier to maintain, 

He wants so badly for Lilly to play with him, but she just won't.  She tolerates him, that's about as good as it gets.  Personally... I think she's glad there is once a gain another dog in the family! 

While I was shivering out in the cold pasture, I heard Bob Spehar barking... but couldn't find her. 
I did notice, though, that the steers are now in their winter lot, up by the house.  These are the last two of the eight from 3 years ago, that started as tiny calves.  I'm so glad they still have two... I hate to see a lone cow as much as I hate to see a single horse.  

We are going to have temps in the 40's for the next few days, yipppeeee! 


  1. Oh a heat wave!!! 40 degree temps!!
    There must be something nice and smelly where Lilly and Jester like to roll!!!
    Yes,, we see the geese!! So glad you still can see them fly-- and then at the lake you found.,

  2. I agree about lone cows and horses. It is very sad.

  3. We're looking at some 40 degree days too. What a blessing. After the unusually cold days we had in November, they are welcome. The sun is not up yet here this morning, but I'm hoping we get to see it . Yesterday was very dark and dreary. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.

  4. oh Mary Ann, your heart would be broken if you saw the horse abuse cases they just discovered and showed on the news the other night

    the saying on the sign on my highway says it all "Hell is never full" and the man involved in it has a reserved spot there

    love seeing the doggies.....

    that's a great old house

  5. Beautiful photos! I've never been in Kansas so I enjoy seeing other places!

  6. those little doggies have so much fun running around your farm.
    stella rose

  7. The warmer temps are nice, wish they were consistant
    but I guess that is the weather in Kansas.

    Those dogs tickle me.

    M :)


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