Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Little Camera

I think this piece of the pasture is interesting. 

It is all clover... this is where we fed the llamas for 
four years... and the grass appeared to disappear under
the feeders... but clover established itself. 

It's right inside the big tractor gate, and right outside the goat-llama-pony pen. 

I ran back to the car to get my little camera... because 
yesterday, there were dandelions blooming! 

I drive by this cow frequently.  Until two months ago, she had a companion in 
her pen.  She has a little barn over on the right (by my mirror) and 
a nice pond to drink from... but no companion.  I don't know if the companion went to freezer
camp or what, but I feel so sorry for lonesome herd animals.  She often lays in the corner 
on the left out of the picture... there are cattle in the pasture one down from this place, and I know 
she can hear them from time to time.  Breaks my heart. 

In the house next to this, there is now a lone horse, where before, there were two. 

Same thing... breaks my heart.  

When we lost Lacey, the mini horse, we went to the trouble of borrowing another 
mini to keep our pony Beau company.  

I am going to think positively that this cow is bred and will be having her calf soon, and have another companion. 

You can see the ponds are beginning to freeze... some of these geese were standing on ice. 
We are plunging to the lower single digits and possibly zero tonight. 

Everyone stay warm! 


  1. Today WAS cold! I know it's Winter but...
    Stay warm and safe !

    Happy New Year!!

    M : )

  2. Were dipping down to the burrry burrry cold here too.... lots of woke to keep the house from freezing.
    pond is frozen,,, burry cold

  3. After a few warmer days here, we never got out of the 20's yesterday. It is colder for sure. I only remember seeing dandelions at Christmas once and that was years ago. Hope you have a wonderful New Year's Eve !

  4. we don't understand why the horse and cow just can't be in the same pasture...that is probably why we would not make good farmers....stella rose...it is cold here too.


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